CA Prop 8: The Defenders

Without going into detailed analysis of why I think the CA Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Proposition 8 was flawed, I would like to simply say it is sad -pathetic, really- that we still live in a world that would curtail rights for anyone. Which is why I think this video, called The Defenders (via SFist), is pretty good except the ending, which probably actually hurts the message.

I’d also like to repeat a previous proposition that by law we should simply ban marriage and institute civil unions. If people of faith want to preserve the symbolic meaning of marriage they can but their marriage will not be recognized by the government in any sense. Maybe that’s just me, though. Honestly, I don’t understand what those folks are defending. They treat the word marriage like a trademark. I would remind them of what happened to words like Kleenex or, I believe, Xerox and is in the process of happening to. Marriage is now a generic term and nothing people of faith can do will ever change its impending genericide.

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Photo Manipulation; Tilt and Tile

I’ve got two interesting online apps that Banana Boy sent my way about photo manipulation. One is to change your pictures into fancy (but fake) tilt-shift images. Called TiltShift Generator, it has an online and downloadable version (downloadable version requires Adobe Air to be installed). Here’s an example I made. The first is unmodified and the second is, obviously, modified.

San Francisco Night   San Francisco Night Fake Tilt Shift

The second online app is called Repper and will create patterns out of a selection of an image. Some of the possibilities are pretty amazing for designers. I had some trouble uploading the image above but eventually created the images below. On the left is the image you download. When you make it a repeat you get the image on the right.

San Francisco Night Single Tile   San Francisco Night Repeating Pattern

Nice stuff. I’m particularly happy to be experimenting with the tilt shift app!

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Here in San Francisco the “meter maids” drive these little three wheeled vehicles called Interceptors. What they are intercepting I have no idea. However, like everywhere, these things (specifically the people who drive them) are not terribly popular. Yesterday walking back from lunch we saw this one, which someone had modified ever-so-slightly. Very funny.

San Francisco Meter Maid's Modified Interceptor

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When a Home is a Castle

They say a home is your castle. What if it was a church? Right across the street from Dolores Park here in San Francisco is the home I want. Does anyone have $10,000,000 I can borrow?

I wonder if they are willing to let the first floor be a cafe. It’s really too big for a living room, especially when the upstairs is so-o spacious itself.

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Makes Us Stronger

There’s a common saying. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

I bet I could hurt you in a way you would never recover from…

(Apropos of nothing, BTW. Just a thought I had after hearing someone blithely use that quote in a context that made absolutely no sense).

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The Hunt for Gollum

Got some time to kill? Do you love fan-made films? Did you love the Lord of the Rings? Then perhaps you should check out The Hunt for Gollum. It tells the story before the Lord of the Rings, when Aragorn hunts Gollum down before Sauron’s forces can find him. I have to say, for a fan film this is extraordinary. Beautifully shot, amazing effects and choreography, brilliantly similar music, and acting that I was dubious of until I saw it… Adrian Webster (as Aragorn) and Patrick O’Connor (as Gandalf) did extremely well filling their roles and didn’t detract from the original actors parts in the least. If you’ve got 40 minutes you should check out this amazing film by Chris Bouchard.

Hey, Chris, when will you post a downloadable version so I can watch this on my big screen? :)

I’m also looking forward to Born of Hope which tells the story of the Dunedain and the birth of Aragorn later this year. More!

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Diss the White, but Not Tonight

Normally I dislike white wine. I don’t know what it is about the taste, or feel, or texture on the palate or what, but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

But tonight it’s 11PM and still in the 70s here in San Francisco. I don’t know why… Maybe a high pressure system from the inland valley creeping west instead of our normal eastward-bound climate, or perhaps the fact that it’s one of my best friend’s birthday. I don’t know. For a San Franciscan, though, it’s ungodly hot and so tonight, for possibly the second time in my life, I though, You know what might be nice? A bottle of nice, chilled white wine.

You know what? I was right. RMCA and I popped open a bottle of Chignin Bergeron 2007 and we drank it with chicken in mushroom sauce, potato salad, and tomatoes with basil and goat cheese., all looking out on a city still warm enough to sit shirtless (in my case) on the deck looking out over the City full of lights.

It’s a rare night in San Francisco that is warm enough to sit outside so late at night. Very special. Supposedly it will be the same tomorrow night… I can’t wait. I might generally dislike white wine, but tonight it was the perfect accompaniment to food, conversation and warmth in one of the best cities in the world.

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A Bevy of Updates

I haven’t written Jack Crap here for a long time now. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about… I’ve just been a lazy SOB. Not that it’s any consolation to me or you, but here’s some tidbits to maybe distract you from noticing it’s been some three weeks since I wrote here last.

Unemployed? Over 11% in California are. Looking for a career change, probably in a more tech/sci direction? Check out MIT’s Open Courseware. They have courses in architecture, biology, electrical engineering and tons more. I don’t know if you get a degree for this sort of thing, but it certainly can’t hurt, and for the whopping price of free you can’t go too wrong, either.

At long last Zombies are getting representation. The Zombie Anti Defamation League is live and active addressing the concerns of the Post Vital as they continue through existence.

When I was a kid in Korea there would come occasions when a friend was going to Japan and would ask if they should bring something back from their trip. The answer was almost always Felix Gum. Allegedly made from whale blubber, this gum could be chewed for days on end with little diminishment of its flavor. In fact we’d have contests. The funny thing is that when I ask my Japanese coworkers about this stuff they look at me like I’m an alien. Well, prepare to be probed because I found Felix Gum here in San Francisco. Behold.

Japanese Felix Gum

Hmm… Many of the other updates I won’t be going over because, well, they’re not that big a deal for this venue. Been to a few parties, hung out with friends, work, etc. I will just try to keep this up now at my more frequent approximation of a post a week. Ciao for now!

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Great Minds

They say great minds think alike. This is clearly not the case because there are just too many idiots out there and not nearly enough people with common sense, let alone great minds.

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Goodbye Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica ended tonight. I really liked the ending. I can’t say they tied up all the questions but still, lovely.

What did you think?

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