One Single Book

Normally I read a ton of books. Under previous circumstances I could probably read one a week but a combination of factors left last year, 2012, pretty dry as far as reading went. In fact I read one, single book completely: The SFWA Grand Masters Volume 1. Honestly I’m surprised I managed to finish that one but I was determined to finish something. We’ll see how this year goes, but I doubt it will be too terribly many more.

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I’ve hit 13000 miles on the moto. Another milestone of sorts.

13000 Miles

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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

I know it’s been an age and a day (or two) since I posted here. It’s been quite busy. That being said I won’t even promise to try and keep up here… Try to find me on Twitter @dooglahs.

I wish I had known about The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, though. I would have tried to make time for that! Especially since there was one here in San Francisco. I could have even dressed up in my Victorian duds. I put it on my calendar for next year…

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Dropbox Invitations

ХудожникподаръциOK, this is something shady but as I want the extra space for my Dropbox account, I’m going to post it anyways. They are offering extra space to my account if you sign up for a Dropbox account by clicking this link. You might ask yourself, “Why should I bother?” Honestly, the answer is you probably shouldn’t bother but with the account you can upload files (like large picture albums or music) to Dropbox and then share it with someone to download. You can also use it to synch files between various devices like your computer, your phone and other things if they are web enabled. For a long time I ignored Dropbox but lately I’ve been using it to back up certain things I don’t want lost in the case of a fire or earthquake, and now I want to back up a bit more (and also some other stuff, but let’s not go into that).

You can sign up for the service and get 2GB for free, which is what I’ve done, and then get more space by either paying for it (blech) or by getting your pals to sign up (also blech). Since I refuse to pay for things if I can help it I’m asking that A) if you have considered using Dropbox then B) please click on this link to sign up so I can get more free space.

Meanwhile, please return to your regularly scheduled day and don’t let this obvious crap get in the way.

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Welcome to the New DotCom Explosion

The last time around, towards the end of the 90s, we saw companies build out the DotCom era on such flimsy business plans as shipping dog food for free with no actual profit margin. Investors poured billions of dollars into these companies seeking magical revenues. Of course the whole thing exploded because it was magic, not real.

Now we’re seeing it again. Facebook is about to go public and folks are saying it is worth billions and billions of dollars. That’s fine, though I’m skeptical. But now Facebook is buying a little photo sharing app called Instagram for about a billion dollars. So now the company that is probably over valued is buying another little company for far more than it is probably worth. Seriously, buying a photo sharing application for a billion dollars is ridiculous.

I’m seeing the next DotCom explosion, and this time it looks like it is at least partially self-funding. This seems far more dangerous to me than the last time around.

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Serious Apple Security Hole

There is a serious Java vulnerability affecting Macs (and Windows, but I’m concerned about Macs). It is simple enough to protect your system before it can get on any of your computers.

1: In Safari open Preferences, click on the Security tab and uncheck Enable Java.
2: In Firefox open the Tools Menu, choose Add-ons. In the new window go to the Plugins section and disable Java.
3: In Chrome open Preferences and go to the Under the Hood section. In the Privacy area click on the Content Settings button. In the new window click on the Disable individual plug-ins link. In the next new window disable Java.

This will prevent you from being infected. What will also help is to go to the Apple Menu and run Software Update. There is a Java update that will fix the security hole.

Unfortunately, if your machine is already infected these steps will not help. You may be infected if you were randomly asked for your computer admin password to install software (the software may have been called “Update”). See this F-Secure page on how to remove the problem manually.

Please run the updates and disable Java in all web browsers. It is possible that someone there might need Java running in their web browser, but for 99% of the population there is zero need for it.

UPDATE: 2011.04.09
There is a script you can download and run to check and see if you are infected. You can download it here.

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From a meeting today. I’ve modified the quote but the idea is the same. “Pessimism is an emotion. Optimism is willpower.”

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An Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

… So does a shotgun.

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Preaching to the Choir

ХудожникThis weekend I went for a walk with Ainara along Valencia Street. There were several Greenpeace folks canvasing for signatures. I blew them off in my usual way: spoke bad English in a foreign accent. Afterwards, though, I wondered why they bothered trying to get signatures in San Francisco.

San Francisco has a reputation for being liberal. While it is in many ways, we aren’t nearly as liberal as people outside of the city think. Sure, a lot of people smoke pot and we have a lot of crazy people here, the hippie history and all that rot but… We’re more libertarian in many things than liberal. You live your life how you want and so long as you don’t bother me then, well, have fun.

Still, trying to get signatures for a liberal cause here is like a Mormon going to Utah to try and convert people. Most are just going to ignore you or find you a bit ignorant for your misdirection. What you aren’t going to do is find many converts. It reminds me of what my friend, Sean, said about when the Prop8 opponents were doing. They were all along the coast in the more liberal areas trying to get people to oppose the passage of a law that would deny civil liberties. What they should have been doing was going to the heavily conservative center of California and trying to get signatures there.

These Greenpeace folks were doing the same thing. Why are you here in San Francisco? Go to Fresno. There you will have people to actually convert to your cause. And if they reject your position and give you good reasons why you just might have to think about what you’re doing.

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Best Wedding Video

БогородицаThis has to be the best wedding video I’ve seen in a long time. It’s like watching a movie. Congrats to JP and his new wife!

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