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Big Surf Day

Though this happened 8 days ago, I see that Zionvlad finally posted up his excellent pictures from our big group surf day. A little over 20 of us went. I gave lessons to seven people; all of them managed to stand up at least once which is amazing to me. I guess that’s why he gave my picture the caption The Professor.

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Mark Twain Surfed!

Well here’s something I never knew. Samuel Clemens, known throughout the world as Mark Twain, tried surfing in Hawaii over a century ago. Wow!

I tried surf-bathing once, subsequently, but made a failure of it. I got the board placed right, and at the right moment, too; but missed the connection myself.—The board struck the shore in three quarters of a second, without any cargo, and I struck the bottom about the same time, with a couple of barrels of water in me.

Awesome. How strange that surfing was known over a hundred years ago. Of course I often forget that The Duke was popularizing surfing a century ago, too.

Still, Mark Twain! Imagine if he had written a story about it?

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Surfing Kitty

In Peru, the kitty like to surf. That one wet kitty!

Thanks to NHK for the link. He knows I love surfing kitty!

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Post Modern Reese’s

You remember the ads for Reese’s peanut butter cups, right? “The two great tastes that taste great together.” Here is one of the old TV commercials.

Well, now I’ve found two other disparate items that are pretty awesome together, in a totally geek-jock way. Geek. Jock. I guess that’s a fairly small demographic… Anyways, Katee Sackhoff surfs.

Katee Sackhoff + Surfing = Awesome

Does anyone know which beach that was? I’m guessing SoCal and I don’t know the beaches there.

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Welcome to The Island

Not so long ago me and some friends formed a sort of secret society. I won’t go into the details here -for obvious reasons- but I will divulge one of the goals.

We wanted to form our own country.

Now, this is a lofty goal and one I would still like to pursue. One of the stepping stones on the way to this was an idea we called The House. Now, this was not a literal house but a whole bunch of interconnected things. Buildings to live in, yes, but also workshops, studios, forests, fields, etc. The House could be located almost anywhere in the world, and one of the more interesting ideas was to create it on an island.

The Island I Want to Buy

It just turns out that for only 250,000 Euro (about $350,000) we can make it happen (here’s the eBay listing for as long as it remains active). Look at that place! Yes, it’s a bit remote (Fiji isn’t exactly commuting distance from… anywhere) but with satellite hookups and a fast internet connection that won’t be so important. Plus we could then get a huge honkin’ boat to cruise the world and… the surfing there would be amazing!

Anyone want to spot me the money?

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Gushing Woman

Gushing Woman
Gushing Woman Flyer
I’m not a fan of Burning Man, that stupid congregation of new age hippies in the desert of Nevada. It’s turned into something distasteful. I’m sure I’ve said worse about it but to say I hate it is enough introduction.

That’s why I got a good chuckle yesterday after surfing in Bolinas when Banana Boy pointed out the Gushing Woman event. Yes, it’s probably just another hippie event (and you know how much I loathe hippies…) but still, it’s funny that someone cared enough to sponsor an event around the concept of “gushing” woman. Gushing. What a word!

I might have to go surfing that day just to check it out!

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What a Dog Day Afternoon

Today was a day of dog stories at the beach in Bolinas. I think if some of these dogs could have paddled out they would have joined us in surfing.

1: The dog carrying and playing with the well desiccated body of a large water fowl. The dog shook it at one point and… It was just disgusting.

Dog Pooping in Bolinas
Dog Pooping
2: Two dogs, at separate times, walked out to where the surf was breaking on the shore and took dumps into the oncoming waves. I have never, ever seen this and I wonder if this is some new trick dog owners are teaching them. For fun I’m putting up a picture of another dog pooping right in front of us before we started surfing two weeks ago.

3: Some dog decided he wanted to hang out with us when we were grilling. Nothing about this, but the dog seemed -and I’m not joking- that he was stoned. When shooed away from the food and the grill you could practically see him shrug his shoulders, walk away and lay down in the seaweed that washed up at high tide. This shot up a spray of sand flies which he would idly try to snatch out of the air with his teeth. When he’d get tired of that he’d bother to get up and wander to the grill again. Repeat to fade.

4: Possibly because she had seen the dog in the first bit, some little girl was running about with a huge dried up fish (must have been at least two feet long) trying to find her dog and get him to eat it.

5: There are lots of birds by, above and in the ocean. Sometimes they’re just out there, floating in the surf. One dog decided he was very curious about these things and swam out to one that had floated close to shore. I’ve never heard a bird emit the sound this one made (definitely a warning sound for the dog!) and never worried so much that a dog was going to get his eyes pecked out by some long beaked bird.

6: I’ve seen my first true prissy dog. A large black poodle was walking with some older guy. He’d chuck a tennis ball down the beach, the poodle would chase it. A normal game of fetch. Except the dog would stop the ball with its paw, pretend to bite it, and then wait for the guy to come up, clean off the ball of sand and detrius, and put the ball in its mouth. “I love to play fetch but I can’t stand the grime. Jeeves, clean this!”

Not the best stories in the world, but it is remarkable what a dog day it was.

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Surf Chicks: Curl Girls

Every week I try to hit up the iTunes store for their free songs. The page I goto also lists their free videos, and glancing across them I saw a picture of several women and surf boards called Curl Girls. Curious, I did some quick research.

Six-episode reality series exploring the lives and loves of a group of lesbian and bisexual amateur surfers in L.A.

While I can skip the whole lesbian aspect, I think it’s awesome that women surfers have a show of their own! Women surfers aren’t often recognized, but they have been the growing demographic of surfing for years upon years, are in the X Games and blogging. I was inspired to try surfing and learned how from Annemone.

I doubt I’ll ever watch the show, but just knowing Curl Girls is out there makes me a happy man.

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Like a Lake

I’m bummed. Yesterday Jerome and I took our long overdue comp day and went out to go surfing. We haven’t been out in the water in about half year and I was pretty psyched to go.

But when we got up to Bolinas the Pacific was like a lake. In fact I’ve seen lakes with bigger waves. I don’t know about Jerome but I was rather disappointed.

On the advice of Nick at Two Mile Surf Shop we went and checked out Rodeo Beach at Fort Cronkite. It looks like surfing there will be pretty nice… once there’s a swell. We hiked down the beach to see if we could spy San Francisco around the bend but it got a bit rocky and slippery.

We did discover that the coast road up Highway One is finally open again and almost completely rebuilt and repaved in the spots that had been severely damaged in the storms last year. It was like driving a completely new road to the coast! It kind of threw me off, actually.

So over 100 miles of driving and nothing to really show for it. Not exactly the day I was expecting but honestly, it wasn’t so bad. I just wish there was something out there to surf…

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Exhausted, but in a Good Way

I’m beat. Have you ever done so much in a 24 hour period that you couldn’t believe you were still awake? I just went through that, and Labor Day weekend has only just begun!

Read the rest of this entry…

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