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Comment on Old Pages, Not Old Posts?

Does any WordPress guru out there know how to close comments on old posts, but exclude old pages? I would like old post comments to be closed automatically but leave old page comments open. By default the current WordPress (3.1.1) seems to treat both types as “articles” in the Admin > Settings > Discussion section where you can set a date for comment expiration. I’ve done searches on this and have started in on finding a plugin but so far: nothing.

Any help?

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Galleries Coming Back Online

Ever since I upgraded the theme for the site I’ve lost the various photo galleries that I had online. I’ve started putting them back and you can find pictures from our wedding in Spain in the “errata” menu above.

I’m thinking I will start with those and ignore all of the previous galleries I used to have. Unless there’s one that someone misses? Maybe I’ll do a “retrospective” of older pictures. That should be entertaining…

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DRN Theme 2.0

So I’ve updated this site’s theme. It’s only taken several years to do. While not ready for public consumption it is ready to be used. There won’t be a whole lot of new features that you’ll notice but some of them are the ability to subscribe to comments, easier management of the blogrolls (for me), widgetized sidebar, better page navigation at the bottom, and more that is coming, though probably not noticeable to you (which is good!).

If you happen to notice something broken or wonky on the site please leave a comment. Once the theme is ready for general distribution I’ll leave a link so you, too, can download and try it out!

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Updating the Site

Well, I’m in the process of updating the site. I’m using WordPress, and I built the theme from my old, old site from scratch. WordPress was a lot simpler then (I think it was version 1.4 or something). Now they’re up to version 3.1 and there are a lot of features I’d like to build in, in addition to cleaning up my code, losing some of the dependency on plugins and making it a bit more universal. If it all works out I might even release it to the public.

But first I have to wrap my head around this idiot functions.php file. WTF? I’ve done what you ask and you still won’t work! *sigh*

In the meantime, if you leave a comment there should be an option to get an email when there’s a new comment so it’s easier for you to follow along. I’ll have to test that at some point…

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A Posting Record

I just noticed today is March 1st. Wow, the year is flying by! I also notice that last month I posted 12 times, which is the most times in a month since September, 2008 (17 posts that month). Hurray for me! Now let’s see if I can beat the record.

Do any of the long-time readers remember the monthly challenges to motivate ourselves to write? Is anyone interested in monthly blogging challenges?

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Well, I’ve officially relaunched the old site. Yes, I stunted and bought a “premium theme” but mostly because the design is very much what I wanted and The Theme Factory doesn’t mind us tinkerers modifying their themes. Speaking of which, I’m still not done tinkering and will be making various cosmetic changes over time to the site. Compare the new (link) to the old site (link); I’d like to either adapt some of the old color scheme or create something new.

BTW, if you were one of the contributors to the old and are still interested in posting, please contact me!

Along the lines of new sites, I’ll be launching a new site for Rosa and I to use in the near future, too. We figure we should get something going together. I’m not sure what that will mean for this site… And for once I’m not worried about it.

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Temporary Outage Today

Well, for the first time in almost three years my hosting provider, the great, had an issue with their server that required a restore from backups. Sadly the backup was a few days old. I’ve restored the posts themselves, but I know I’ve lost some of the comments like Melchoir and Nob Hill Ken’s on the last video post. If you care to comment again feel free!

I guess I should learn to backup more often myself, but I don’t think in this case it would have made much of a difference… It’s hard to back up from a distance every night! Besides, that’s why I retain my RSS feeds, neh? -_^

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WordPress Upgrade to Coltrane

I took the time this morning to upgrade this site and to the latest WordPress installation (2.7) called Coltrane. While you probably won’t know it just by looking, if you use WordPress yourself you will probably LOVE the new Dashboard. I find it much more organized and simple to navigate. My only issue (?) is there isn’t an obvious “new post” button somewhere, though they have a fancy QuickPress widget that allows you to quickly write something up and post it.

Overall it seems pretty nice. If I run into anything particularly irritating I’ll post it in the comments…

UPDATE: I see the New Post button at the top right now… Weird because I could swear it wasn’t there before.

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WordPress for iPhone

I heard about the release of WordPress for iPhone so I upgraded my blog ( and with the latest version of WordPress, set up the app on my phone and started writing this post. Very nice! It looks like I’ll be able to post pics from here, too. I’ll try that on another date.

It’s slow typing on here but it’s great that I’m no longer tethered to a computer. Yay WordPress!

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Over One Million Served

Oh hai! It looks like at some point over the weekend this site topped out over a million visitors since I started bothering with these sorts of stats in July of 2006. One million in a year and a half. I guess that’s not too terribly bad. Of those visits almost 120,000 were uniques, which I’m far more interested in. 120K individuals have come to my site. Sure, a lot of that number is probably search engines and spambots, but a good portion are awesome readers like you.

Many of the visits are a result of searches (overwhelmingly from Google). Some of the more interesting searches took you to learning about the best deodorant, they lyrics for the OREO cookie song, my fun encounter with the TSA a couple years ago, and my choices for top five speculative fiction actresses from a year ago. Mind you, these aren’t the only things that bring people in, they are just some of the top search entries. I have to shout out a big thank you to Costa for the deodorant one… Who knew it would get such attention?

Anyways, thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon!

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