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New Song: Goodbye

Scott (member of the Not Bill band) wrote a new song and we recorded it just recently. The lyrics (after the jump) are cheesy when read alone, so give it a listen and read along! The recording was done in Apple’s Garageband. Quite a good bit of software for being free.


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She Mows My Lawn

Here’s a new song for you, called She Mows My Lawn. I started writing it as an idea for a movie script I’m working on with NHK. I needed to work on a melody line for a new song and randomly picked up some very old lyrics sent to my by my friend JB (it has the same title). When the song was finished I decided the lyrics probably could stand to change; they felt a bit… misogynistic. I can’t be too wrong if even Mookee agreed the lyrics needed revamping. The song doesn’t work for the movie anymore -the theme is completely offbase now- but it’s still pretty good and lots of fun to play.

I hope you like She Mows My Lawn! You can download the song here (alternative download here) and read the finalized lyrics after the jump. Let me know what you think in the comments. You can get a few other songs I’ve been working on in the music category.

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Head Over Heels Finished!

Well, better a little late than never. I finally finished recording Head Over Heels. Get it now! Here’s the alternate link if that one is slow! Before you listen I highly recommend following along with the lyrics. You can find those here.

While you’re at it you might want to check out the two previously released tracks, More Than Yesterday and Out On the Cherry Lane.

Dobrou chut’!

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Head Over Heels

This last weekend I started recording not one but two new songs. This is probably why I don’t have either finished. Anyways, yesterday I more or less finalized the lyrics for the new song, called Head Over Heels.

I don’t want you
But I can’t stop thinking about you
Why can’t we just be friends?
I’m falling for you head over heels

I hide it from you
But it’s pretty obvious to you
Why can’t we just be friends?
I’m falling for you head over heels

I’m like a book you easily read
And you are a movie and I’m blind
What is this arrow piercing me?
Pull it out it’s too unkind

I hardly know you
But there is something about you
Why can’t we just be friends?
I’m falling for you head over heels

I should escape you
But I keep coming back to you
Why can’t we just be friends?
I’m falling for you head over heels

I’m like a book you easily read
And you are a movie and I’m blind
What is this arrow piercing me?
Pull it out it’s too unkind

I should tell you
But I can already hear you (saying)
Why can’t we just be friends?
I’m falling for you head over heels
But I’m falling for you head over heels

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Given Up

I’ve been stewing on some music for a really long time with only bits and fragments of lyrics coming to me. After some recent experiences and some unwitting help from Mookee I finally finished it. It’s called Given Up and I hope to spend some time recording it this weekend. Disclaimer: this is not about any recent relationship, just in case she’s reading. This isn’t even about me. Mostly.

The hardest thing
About being alive is living
It’s twice as hard as dying
And dying isn’t easy
   Deciding where to go
   What to do who to see
You’re overwhelmed by living
So you’re drowning in a cup
What do you say to
Someone who’s given up?

I’m tired of being nice
I don’t want to be mean
I just have to say
What I’m seeing
   hundred thousand years
   Is a long time to cry
You say you’re moving on now
And you’ll break out of this rut
But I’ve watched you for a year now
And it seems you’ve given up

Love cannot be
Tied up in a box
With a red ribbon on it
A container for your soul
   Romance is fine
   But maybe you lost control
I can’t believe you’ll always be
So emotionally stuck
So look me up and find me
When you’ve finally given up

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More Than Yesterday

I’ve got a new song for you. It’s called More Than Yesterday and you can download it here (4.1MB). You might want to check out they lyrics, which you can find posted here.

I still have the urge to tweak it or record it over again, but this will do for now. As an added bonus I’ll throw in a “dance remix” (kind of Depeche Mode-esque) of the old classic Out On the Cherry Lane. This version was recorded about two years ago when Dave asked how hard it was to record something in Garageband. I think the whole song took about an hour to record. Get it here (1.9MB).

UPDATE: For whatever reason, the above downloads aren’t always fast. Here’s alternate download locations for you to try: More Than Yesterday and Out On the Cherry Lane. Not that these alternate sites are much faster, but I know they work.

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Dat’s Da Way Outta Da Funk

I said to the Pork Chop, “You are stinky and wise. Guide me outta da funk.”

The Pork Chop said to me, “Do some mindless creativity.”

So I did. Here are the lyrics.

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Quite a Good Show

It’s the day after and I have to say Not Bill did very well last night. Sometimes we’ve gone in to play these open mic nights and they have a full schedule and we only get in a few songs. We were planning for this, but instead we ended up playing eight or nine songs. Scott came up and sang along. Actually he got one of the biggest compliments; someone said he had a really distinctive voice. I tend to agree. Dave did quite well, too, considering he couldn’t see what I was doing and probably couldn’t hear any better than me; the sound system at Ireland’s 32 is adequate, but certainly not great!

As usual, one of the things that makes me happiest about these things is playing our music and getting the crowd involved. Chopping Up Robert turned in to this event. There’s nothing like getting a small crowd of people joyfully singing about using an axe on a guy named Robert.

For anyone who missed out we will probably do at least one more show before the end of the year. You know I’ll post it here!

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Patriotic Amazing Grace

Patriotic Amazing Grace

I’m not sure where or when I got this idea in my head. Not too long ago. Anyways, I was singing Amazing Grace in my head (yeah, I know, whatever) and thought, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to swap out ‘Amazing Grace’ with ‘America’?”

America, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind but now I see.

Sadly I never learned any more of the song. A quick search on Google found several versions. I decided I would try to make a patriotic version of the song using the same outline and format.

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Digitizing Old Music

I spent part of yesterday digitizing old music I’d written so Bill can incorporate some of it into his film. I’ve been meaning to get to this anyways as the old tapes are deteriorating. Unfortunately there is loads of tape hiss that I had to work the EQ to minimize. Here are a few of those songs for those of you interested.

Bad Day. The story of one man’s very bad day.

Cohen Island. For lack of a better title, this is how I imagine Leonard Cohen’s island style.

DC Groove. Again, no title… I wrote this when I lived in Washington, DC.

Gothic Melody. Ok, a trend should be emerging of really bad titles. I like my very fake Middle Eastern style in the middle of this one.

In The Heather. There are actually words for this. The recording was made simply to play around with chords and turned out sort of interesting.

Midnight Waltz. A combination of two previous waltzes I’d written in college, mashed together for some hopeful goodness.

This Is Not A Love Song. An old EOD classic.

Watchers. This was originally written for a friend’s film which was never made.

These are not done in Garageband; they are all old songs from my Cubase on a Mac IIci days except for This Is Not A Love Song which was done analog on a 4-track.

Keep in mind these were pulled from the archives only for Bill’s soundtrack (his requests for the most part), not to be representative of my particular style. Once I’ve digitized a larger portion of my stuff I’ll dump it online and you can then judge what style or genre me and my friends belong to. In the meantime you can download some other crappy MP3s here.

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