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Digitizing Old Music

I spent part of yesterday digitizing old music I’d written so Bill can incorporate some of it into his film. I’ve been meaning to get to this anyways as the old tapes are deteriorating. Unfortunately there is loads of tape hiss that I had to work the EQ to minimize. Here are a few of those songs for those of you interested.

Bad Day. The story of one man’s very bad day.

Cohen Island. For lack of a better title, this is how I imagine Leonard Cohen’s island style.

DC Groove. Again, no title… I wrote this when I lived in Washington, DC.

Gothic Melody. Ok, a trend should be emerging of really bad titles. I like my very fake Middle Eastern style in the middle of this one.

In The Heather. There are actually words for this. The recording was made simply to play around with chords and turned out sort of interesting.

Midnight Waltz. A combination of two previous waltzes I’d written in college, mashed together for some hopeful goodness.

This Is Not A Love Song. An old EOD classic.

Watchers. This was originally written for a friend’s film which was never made.

These are not done in Garageband; they are all old songs from my Cubase on a Mac IIci days except for This Is Not A Love Song which was done analog on a 4-track.

Keep in mind these were pulled from the archives only for Bill’s soundtrack (his requests for the most part), not to be representative of my particular style. Once I’ve digitized a larger portion of my stuff I’ll dump it online and you can then judge what style or genre me and my friends belong to. In the meantime you can download some other crappy MP3s here.

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someday i will rule this earth and bring order and enlightenment to the masses, as well as a balanced budget, decent and sensible health care, and mandatory classes in common sense. i will force everyone to take driver’s ed, revive courtesy towards others, scowl at male chauvenism, scoff at rich people compaining they have to pay equal taxes, and change copyright law forever. yes, it will be chaotic for many, but in the end the world will be a better place, don’t you think? so remember, when i run for president (a stepping stone to world domination) to vote for me, doug.

in other news, i have a new DV camera and hopefully in the coming months will be able to post nifty little videos of crap i’ve shot either alone or with others. sean and i already shot interviews with dongle and son of dongle. somehow i must edit them so they make sense. this could be difficult as they make little sense to begin with.

it’s almost july 1st. do you know where your children are?

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