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Script Frenzy Info

I’m not ready to participate in Script Frenzy, in which you write a 100 page script in one month (similar to NaNoWriMo for novels). I suppose I could; I have something in the pipe that is pretty much ready to be written but (excuses excuses) I just don’t feel I have the time to write enough every day to keep up. Still, I was looking at their How To page and man, does it have a lot of good information. If you’re interested in script writing and want to start off with easy tips, tricks, instructionals and tutorials then you’d be hard pressed to find a better page than this one. I’m bookmarking everything…

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Banana Boy’s Moon Video

Banana Boy posted his time lapse video he shot the same night I did this one. He was having troubles focusing and kept moving the camera around. It actually made for a very cool effect and the music he added makes it feel like a prelude… to Friday the 13th?

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A Birthday Moon

Monday was the birthday of one of my best friends (who prefers anonymity). It also happened to be a full moon. I couldn’t pass up the chance to do another time lapse video, this one dedicated to my friend.

The focus on this one is better, though not great. I’m thinking the Samsung SC-MX20 just isn’t a great device for night shooting. It would be really good if there was software that could view and manually tweak a lot of the settings it already allows a user to play with. Oh well. Ironically my biggest issue is that when I upload these videos to YouTube the 16:9 widescreen ration is lost. I just learned about an application called MPEG Streamclip that should embed the ratio tag in the file. We’ll see if it works the next time I try uploading something…

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Sunrise Over Downtown San Francisco

I’ve made another time lapse video. I had the opportunity to shoot this from the unique vantage point of a 40th floor apartment overlooking downtown San Francisco. Unlike the last one, this one is in three second intervals. I did do some contrast adjustment to make the shadows stand out a bit more but otherwise here it is.

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Moonrise Over the Bay

I was given a nice little Samsung SC-MX20 camera for XMas by RMCA. One of the many nice things it can do is time lapse video and I’ve been playing around with that. I did one video with all settings (focus, exposure, etc) set to auto and while it was alright it wasn’t quite good enough. Last night the moon came up over the Oakland hills and I quickly got out the camera and tried to set up the shot. Alas, it gets dark far too quickly as you can see here.

Eventually I want to get this technique down and do a short video about San Francisco in a project with Banana Boy. He’s already been experimenting using his Nikon SLR so I have some catching up to do. Incidentally, this is the first YouTube video I’ve ever posted. Surprisingly I don’t feel dirty.

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iMovie 08 Sucks

I used to use iMovie 06 from Apple to edit movies. Quick, easy to use, loads of awesome effects and transitions… I didn’t use the application often but I always had a good time with it.

Today I am trying to gather together various movie clips at work to make into a master DVD. My computer at work has iMovie 08 and I’ve been looking forward to using it to see where things are better. I expected it to maybe not be easier to use (iMovie 06 is already so simple!) but somehow… Better.


iMovie 08 SUCKS. I cannot figure it out. Where is the timeline? Why can’t I simply change the order of the clips? Where is the ability to export to iDVD? I cannot understand what Apple was thinking. I guess enough people complained so that they have release iMovie 06 as a free download if you already own iMovie 08. This doesn’t fix the problem, but at least it will let me get around it.

I recently bought Final Cut Express as I anticipate doing more video editing. I am extremely nervous they might have fracked that up by emulating their “success” with iMovie 08.

If you’re new to iMovie and have the 08 version on your machine, give yourself a treat and go download the 06 version. You’ll be ecstatic you did.

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Battlestar Galactica Video Contest

Do you think you could tell a Battlestar Galactica story better than SciFi Channel? Here’s your chance.

Be a part of Battlestar Galactica!

We’re giving you sound and visual effects and music clips that you can use to create and share your own four-minute Battlestar videos.

Create your own mock commercials, short scenes or even mini-episodes — funny or dramatic. Choose from more than 30 visual effects, 20-plus audio effects and cuts from the show’s soundtrack, specially selected to help give your videos the Battlestar look and sound. Use them to make your video, add the required promo clip at the end, and send it to us!

Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick will choose one video to broadcast in full on SCI FI Channel during an upcoming Battlestar episode.

The video can only be four minutes long but that should be plenty.

Is anyone interested in making a video with me?!?

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Some Very Silly Videos

I posted this to

Recently Mookee found some footage we shot with a VHS camera in 1997. He digitized it and challenged me to an editing contest. Here is his version, and here is mine. They are both kind of large, so broadband is a must. Unfortunately these are the low quality versions; hopefully in the future we can put better versions online. Let us know what you think!

It is unfortunate that I couldn’t figure out how to better compress the videos with iMovie. The options are there, but I didn’t have time to figure out all the settings. I’ll try that sometime soon and through trial and error figure out the optimal settings for web stuff.

Very silly videos. Possibly only Mookee and I will find them funny, but as I told Some Danish Guy, if only a few people find it funny then that’s something!

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Celtx: Scriptwriting and Preproduction

If you are an aspiring film maker you might be interested in Celtx. It is a free, open source (haven’t looked at the specifics of the license yet) package that includes two very important packages. The first is a scriptwriter. From what I’ve seen it seems quite capable and conforms to standards. The second is the ability to take an existing script and break it down by scene and scene elements (characters, props, wardrobe, sound, camera, lights, etc) and generate reports on what scenes there are, which characters are in each scene, which props are needed by scene, etc. In otherwords it helps the preproduction phase immensely. Brilliant! Plus you can add media elements (pictures, video files, audio files) to any element. It’s almost too much to ask for in a single package.

As a bonus there is a collaberative mode which allows multiple users to work on the same script. I haven’t looked in to this yet so I’m not sure how good it is. Just that it exists, though, is a great addition. If I run into anything particularly bad I’ll report it in the comments, but as it stands I’ve just found a very good free replacement for Final Draft. Nice.

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Homemade Steadycam

Yesterday Sean and I built a homemade steadycam following these instructions. While it didn’t cost under $14 as the site claims, it was close to $20 excluding the equipment we had to buy.

Pretty soon we’re going to run out of reasons to not be shooting… something!

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