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I’ve hit 13000 miles on the moto. Another milestone of sorts.

13000 Miles

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A bit belated but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from me and Rosa and, especially, Ainara!

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It’s been a long, long time since I wrote anything here. Being a father and working full time is one way to be very preoccupied. That being said, here’s a picture of passing 11,000 miles on my motorcycle, posted on 11/11/11 (even though the mark was made yesterday morning).

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More Pictures

Soon enough I’ll be able to blog in my regular-irregular schedule (but at least post some stuff). In the meantime, here are more pictures from September, including the parents visit from Spain and tons of pictures of Ainara!

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Ainara’s Birthday and Homecoming

I’ve finally found some time to post a gallery of pictures of Ainara’s birthday and homecoming. Enjoy!

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Toronto Pictures

Rosa and Doug at Niagara Falls
Toronto and Niagara Pictures!
I realize I haven’t written any more about Toronto and the trip but I will. We’re back in San Francisco now and it’s been non-stop this whole time. I did post some pictures, though, and you can find them here or by clicking on the picture. Once I have more than 20 minutes I will also do a single entry summarizing the rest of the trip. Hope everyone is well!

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Our Little Monkey

Our daughter, our Little Monkey…

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My Sister’s Wedding

Speaking of weddings, my sister got married on Saturday. Rosa and I flew the red eye out (never again!) and got to see tons of family. It was especially nice to spend time with my niece, Karma, and my brother’s family, Lisa, Jake, Tim, Sam and Megan. Too bad Chris couldn’t be there, but hopefully I’ll see him in October. Pictures and Rosa’s speech after the jump.

Congratulations to Heather and Joe! I hope you’re having fun in Jamaica!
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Roses on Sant Jordi

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Galleries Coming Back Online

Ever since I upgraded the theme for the site I’ve lost the various photo galleries that I had online. I’ve started putting them back and you can find pictures from our wedding in Spain in the “errata” menu above.

I’m thinking I will start with those and ignore all of the previous galleries I used to have. Unless there’s one that someone misses? Maybe I’ll do a “retrospective” of older pictures. That should be entertaining…

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