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San Francisco

I don’t know how long they’ve been up, but there’s a site called that is trying to make the news and statistics about your area as specific as you want them to be. They’ve only got San Francisco, Chicago and New York City up right now but I’m sure more will follow.

It’s an interesting idea. I especially like how I can type in my zip code and get data specific to the area I live in. Crime stats, missing connections, photos… It shows a lot of promise!

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Comparing NYC and SF Neighborhoods

While I admire the idea of comparing neighborhoods in disaparate cities, I think it doesn’t really work. People are different. Cultures are different. The both contribute the flavour of any neighborhood. At the trivial level comparisons could be made but ultimately, if you’re moving to New York City from San Francisco and hope to find a similar neighborhood to the one you’re leaving behind, then you probably shouldn’t be moving in the first place.

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