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Book Covers for Technology

I really like the look of Twelve South’s BookBook iPhone, iPad and Macbook covers. I’m not sure if I like the iPhone version; creating one location for my iPhone, ID, credit cards and cash seems like a bad idea.

Still… book, leather, and all that’s missing is actual paper like the Moleskine case.

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Samurai Umbrella

With great amusement I present to you the Samurai Umbrella (via It brings me back to days in college, lugging about my wooden bokken, whacking and being whacked by my friends. Since those days, whenever I’ve carried one of those long, non-folding umbrellas I noticed I tend to carry it like a sword, ready to be drawn. The Samurai Umbrella takes that one step beyond. All I need now is a hidden blade inside. Then I can fight my enemies and keep dry at the same time!

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New Year’s Eve Party?

Currently I have no plans for New Year’s Eve. Man, I wish I could go to this party though…

Seems to be the season for events, and if you’ve yet to commit yourself to other arrangements, and you quite like the sound of seeing the New Year in surrounded by costumed, masked, revellers in the Steampunk style, then perhaps the Seductive Alchemy event in London is for you?

London… Too far away for such short notice! Does anyone know of anything interesting going on in San Francisco?

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Who Wants Steampunk Watches?

I know I just bought a Nixon watch recently (specifically this one) but seeing these watches linked to from bOING bOING gets me quite excited. Talk about imagination and creativity! I mean, look at this! And this! And this and this and these and those! Nice. And the creator, Haruo Suekichi, sounds like a really awesome guy. Double nice!

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New Goggles

I was out in the Haight yesterday questing for a few replacement clothes. I stopped by the Best of California Surplus. While there I perused the awesome bits and bobs they have like patches, knives, spats, etc. and there on the counter were these awesome goggles. This was the only picture I found online.

The frame is aluminum and the bands are fabric ribbons. They have to be tied on! I’m sure I’ll be using them for costumes in the near future.

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RFID Blocking Passport Wallets

Recently I asked for advice on where to find some sort of wallet for my new RFID embedded passport to prevent some random data jacker from stealing my data. I know I’m not alone in thinking RFID enabled passports is a bad idea.

That being said, it’s not like we have any choice in the matter. These things are being issued now.

So here are a few links to ways of protecting your spanking new chipped passport. Paraben Forensic Tools has an ugly but utilitarian looking bag. Travelon has a sporty ballistic nylon coated case. If you’re more into style, though, then you’ve got to get either the DIFRwear leather case or Kena Kai’s slightly fancier leather passport wallet. All of these are supposed to protect that RFID chip from being casually scanned, which is great news since I’m sure the thing will be completely hackable before the passport’s 10 year expiration date.

I bought the Travelon because I think anything ballistic is right up my alley.

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Jeans Do Not Go Under Dresses

My peripheral vision sees long hair and I turn to look. She’s cute. Nice eyes. Slight smile like the day’s turning out better than expected. Light green dress over… jeans. Loser.

What the hell is up with chicks wearing jeans under their dresses? It has to be one of the lamest fashion elements. Ever. I don’t care how hot you are, you will always be lame. Not adorable. Lame.

I hope the girl learns this because the only reason I’m remembering her now is because her choice of clothing irritated me for most of the day.

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Halloween Costume

Well, I’m a geek and there’s no hiding that fact. I work with computers, love scifi and fantasy (lit, tv, film), love anime and manga, and know lots of things about science, history and philosophy that most people forget about as soon as they heard it in class. I am not an über geek, but I can definitely hold my own.

I do like dressing up for Halloween, but I’m lazy about it. I’ve done the pirate thing, the amalgam military guy, and the original Sandman which, to date, only one person guessed correctly. Over the years I’ve collected bits and bobs for each of the outfits but I’ve never really dedicated large amounts of time to the endeavour.

Enter onto the scene the newly reimaged Battlestar Galactica (BSG). I am hooked. If you havent’ seen this show I can’t recommend it enough. Not because I’m some over enthusiastic dork who had too much caffeine and, with shaking hands and darting eyes, seems to be selling you his last rare Inuyasha trading card, Yura’s Flawless Snatch to get a few more cans of Jolt Cola.

No, BSG is good because it is smartly written with characters and stories that develop over time. The effects are well done, not over done. Everything has an internal consistency that isn’t often found in science fiction television shows (good job, Continuity Department!). The characters are interesting, they grow and change, and aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Best of all, the show is relevant to our modern day. They take some of our modern themes like religion in government, the occupation in Iraq, average citizen’s relation to the military, and even specific topics like abortion, then turn them on their head in unexpected and eye opening ways.

Anyways, this whole endeavour has started me down internet avenues I’ve never bothered with before. I’ve bought stuff on eBay and joined online forums (mostly lurking), neither of which I’ve ever done before. So I’m putting together a preliminary BSG costume for Halloween. It should be fun. The best part will be hunting down cigars. That will happen next week…

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What do you call a corduroy sport jacket?


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What’s With the Dry Skin?!?

As I hope most of you who know me personally know, I’m not too concerned with my personal appearance. I mean I don’t want to look like a homeless guy under a bridge in downtown San Francisco masturbating for the passing tourists, but I don’t care to look like I stepped out of the pages of GQ either.

Still it’s disturbing me that the skin on my face is so consistently dry. I know this is shallow and not really worthy of you, my very intelligent readers, but it’s been bugging me since last fall. I can no longer pass it off as just the winter weather because this is San Francisco; we don’t have winter here. At least nothing like the rest of the United States of A-fscking-merica north of the Mason Dixon line where winters try to rip the skin off your sticky bones and, failing that, at least make it cold enough for your balls to seek protective warth and comfort in your chest cavity.

No, I think there’s something else missing. Maybe something from my diet. Someone mentioned that I should eat more greasy food, but the last time I did that on a consistent basis -freshman year of college for those keeping score- I ended up with almost as many zits as I had in high school. I like popping zits like everyone else, but I’d rather not. I’d like to think that while I look young-ish, I’ve at least matured enough to look like I might not need to be carded at the corner store and not like I’m skipping school. After all, the only pimply faced cretins on the planet should be high schoolers, right?

Someone else recommended drinking more water. I tried this for a while and all it did was make me pee more. A lot more. And trust me, that’s just annoying. Hold on while I goto the bathroom. Again.

The obvious thing to do would be use some lotion, but that just treats the symptoms, not the problem. Does anyone of my more informed readers have any suggestions?

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