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Dropbox Invitations

ХудожникподаръциOK, this is something shady but as I want the extra space for my Dropbox account, I’m going to post it anyways. They are offering extra space to my account if you sign up for a Dropbox account by clicking this link. You might ask yourself, “Why should I bother?” Honestly, the answer is you probably shouldn’t bother but with the account you can upload files (like large picture albums or music) to Dropbox and then share it with someone to download. You can also use it to synch files between various devices like your computer, your phone and other things if they are web enabled. For a long time I ignored Dropbox but lately I’ve been using it to back up certain things I don’t want lost in the case of a fire or earthquake, and now I want to back up a bit more (and also some other stuff, but let’s not go into that).

You can sign up for the service and get 2GB for free, which is what I’ve done, and then get more space by either paying for it (blech) or by getting your pals to sign up (also blech). Since I refuse to pay for things if I can help it I’m asking that A) if you have considered using Dropbox then B) please click on this link to sign up so I can get more free space.

Meanwhile, please return to your regularly scheduled day and don’t let this obvious crap get in the way.

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