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Serious Apple Security Hole

There is a serious Java vulnerability affecting Macs (and Windows, but I’m concerned about Macs). It is simple enough to protect your system before it can get on any of your computers.

1: In Safari open Preferences, click on the Security tab and uncheck Enable Java.
2: In Firefox open the Tools Menu, choose Add-ons. In the new window go to the Plugins section and disable Java.
3: In Chrome open Preferences and go to the Under the Hood section. In the Privacy area click on the Content Settings button. In the new window click on the Disable individual plug-ins link. In the next new window disable Java.

This will prevent you from being infected. What will also help is to go to the Apple Menu and run Software Update. There is a Java update that will fix the security hole.

Unfortunately, if your machine is already infected these steps will not help. You may be infected if you were randomly asked for your computer admin password to install software (the software may have been called “Update”). See this F-Secure page on how to remove the problem manually.

Please run the updates and disable Java in all web browsers. It is possible that someone there might need Java running in their web browser, but for 99% of the population there is zero need for it.

UPDATE: 2011.04.09
There is a script you can download and run to check and see if you are infected. You can download it here.

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