More Pictures

Soon enough I’ll be able to blog in my regular-irregular schedule (but at least post some stuff). In the meantime, here are more pictures from September, including the parents visit from Spain and tons of pictures of Ainara!

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One Response to “More Pictures”

  1. Jo Ann McClellan says  (October 2nd, 2011 at 14:09:31 )

    Hello Douglas,

    First, congratulations on the birth of your daughter. My husband and your father were in the AFIT Class of 1969 at Wright Patterson AFB. I was going through some old pictures and I ran across a picture of Susan with my husband and his mother. We lost touch with Joe and Susan after graduation—then I wondered where they were and started searching the internet. I was saddened when I learned that Susan passed.

    I have so many fond memories of Joe and Susan. We spent many evenings playing bridge (they were teaching me to play) at their home or ours. I remember their pets Socrates and Euripides.

    My husband left the Air Force in 1978 and retired from Boeing about 10 years ago. After retirement we moved back to our home state, Tennessee.

    I hope Joe is well. Please give him our email address. We would love to hear from him.

    Best regards,