DRN Theme 2.0

So I’ve updated this site’s theme. It’s only taken several years to do. While not ready for public consumption it is ready to be used. There won’t be a whole lot of new features that you’ll notice but some of them are the ability to subscribe to comments, easier management of the blogrolls (for me), widgetized sidebar, better page navigation at the bottom, and more that is coming, though probably not noticeable to you (which is good!).

If you happen to notice something broken or wonky on the site please leave a comment. Once the theme is ready for general distribution I’ll leave a link so you, too, can download and try it out!

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One Response to “DRN Theme 2.0”

  1. Emanuel says  (March 31st, 2011 at 12:56:35 )

    Hello Douglas, i’ve tried to find an working email (also in the sidebar), but without success. :)

    I want to ask you via mail, if it would be ok for you and possible to “mirror” some of the V2 plugins from the blosxom.ookee-site on a german blosxom-infosite: http://Muli.cc? Because the infoffical blosxom-page is very slow, cause of the massive of spam-comments and similar. Muli.cc is a sunday-evening-freetime-project without money or advertising – and with some basic-infos for interested blosxom-users or newbies…

    Just let me know! :) Emanuel