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One Wedding Video

While it’s really just a slide show with music (any ideas what song it is?), Manel Puig made this video from our wedding based on pictures he took. Thanks Manel!

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The Party of WTF

I am, despite what many people think, not a Democrat (speaking in terms of American politics). However, I am definitely not a Republican. As time goes on I have less and less respect for Republicans as well. Recently they have made headway into Congress (taking back the House and gaining enough seats to bust up a Senate majority). OK, whatever.

But now they are now showing hypocritical zebra stripes. For example Andy Harris, a Republican from Maryland, won his race partially by vowing to repeal “Obamacare”, the new national health care initiative. Yet upon his Congressional orientation he wanted to know where his (government supported) health care would kick in. When told it would take a month he got pissed and wanted to know what he was supposed to do in the meantime. Hey, Mr. Harris, why don’t you go get private insurance? With your new job and its $174,000 a year (significantly more than most of us) should allow you to afford something out there.

Of course not all Republicans are men. Some are women and some of those women won positions in the new Congress as well. Which is confusing because they must have participated in preventing equal pay to women. Yep, Republicans have just voted to not close loopholes which would see that businesses must pay women equally to men (estimated at 77 cents per every dollar a man earns). I have an idea; since there are women in Congress let’s pay them less for being there and only give them $133,980. I’m sure Andy Harris, Republican from Maryland, would approve.

Finally, the Republicans have always billed themselves as the party of National Security. To prove this they have increased our military spending, invaded not one but two countries, passed laws limiting our privacy (and more; remember the USA PATRIOT Act?), created the Department of Homeland Security with its Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and their wonderfully invasive scanners and pat downs which has even caused Florida, a traditional Republican stronghold, to think of firing the TSA. Oh, there’s more, but I’m not writing a book here. So what do these Republican, protectors of national security, do next? Well, they oppose the new START Treaty of course! Why would we want to limit the world’s nuclear arsenal, inspect Russia’s nuclear arsenal, or even prevent nuclear war by passing this treaty? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.

It’s very frustrating to see Republicans stooping even lower than their previous label of the “Party of No” (even within their own Party!) to something even worse: The Party of WTF.


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Spain Wedding Pictures – Sevilla and Barcelona

Our final days in Spain were spent wandering around Sevilla and spending time with the family there, and two days in Barcelona before we flew home to San Francisco. Though there aren’t as many pictures some of them are quite good. Here they are. You can view other photos from our adventures in Castelló d’Empúries, Sevilla and Granada in the photo galleries.

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I loved taking them and experiencing these places. Thanks!

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Spain Wedding Pictures – Granada

The third set of photos from our Spanish wedding/honeymoon are up. These are all from our trip to Granada. Granada was an amazing place, if only for Alhambra. Alhambra is the kind of place I’d heard often, “It’s amazing, you’re gonna love it.” Enough people said it that I thought, Well, it’s probably pretty good but I’ve seen a lot of the world in my lifetime so we’ll see. I have to say the Alhambra was a stunning experience for me. Almost every surface is a work of art, and to think that it was a place where people lived, worked, loved and died, living their lives.

If Granada was just the Alhambra it would be worth the visit, but the whole city was amazing, from the steep hill and narrow streets of whitewashed Albaicín to visiting the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferran (Fernando to you Spanish only folks), to the food and the simultaneously modern and medieval feel. There were a lot of tourists but once you ignored them (and it didn’t take me too long) Granada is a wonderful place to visit.

You can view the previous pictures from Sevilla and Castelló d’Empúries.

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Spain Wedding Pictures – Sevilla

After the wedding in Castelló d’Empúries we traveled south to Sevilla to visit Rosa’s family there and experience the city. Here is the second set of pictures from our trip to Spain. You can view the first set here.

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Spain Wedding Pictures, Part One

I’m going to start posting pictures from the trip to Spain. These are a mix of pictures from the camera and the iPhone. I’m dividing the pictures into sets. This first one is all in Castelló d’Empúries, which is where the wedding took place. After that will be pictures from the honeymoon in three sets, Sevilla, Granada, and then a few days in Sevilla and Barcelona.

The first set, from Castelló d’Empúries, is here. There aren’t as many pictures of family and friends as I would like, but we were hyper busy and distracted most of the time. I admit, I’m surprised I remembered to take any pictures at all…

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Wedding Gifts

Is it my imagination or is it fairly universal that wedding gifts trend towards the woman?

Ignoring straight cash (which is a common gift in Spain), the one item we’ve received that could lean towards “the man realm” was the blue ray player. However, since we use it pretty evenly I’m calling that a draw.

Everything else… clearly in “the woman realm”.

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Let’s Go Giants…?

Congratulations to the Giants! Last night was a madhouse on Valencia street near our apartment. I just have one question… Everyone was screaming, “Let’s go Giants!”

I don’t want them to “go”… I want them to STAY. Stay on top! Never give up, never surrender!

BTW, if you were on Valencia at 16th last night I was the one with the horn blowing. Apologies to the neighbors!

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Scrivener 2.0

At long last, Scrivener 2.0 is available for download and purchase. If you are a writer of fiction (long or short), papers (scientific, thesis or school in general), journalism or, really, anything, Scrivener is a great tool to have. Too many others have covered all the features and functionality of this wonderful application but I suggest you simply download the 30 day trial and try it out. Built into the application is a brilliant demo in the Help menu.

Even better news, Scrivener will be available for Windows in the near future.

Congratulations to the Scrivener team for pulling it all together!

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