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The Anachronism

I like small films, and I like some of the steampunk stuff out there (though too much is punk, and not enough steam, or visa versa). The Anachronism strikes a fine balance and is worth watching if just for the great acting of the kids. Usually child actors are annoying, but these two are quite good.

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News and World (Cup) Report

I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ve been busy… Heck, I even got married to a pretty amazing woman. I’ve been needing to write but because of work (ask about that offline!) and everything pre- and post-wedding I’ve been suffering brain drain and motivation to write.

Married! Rosa And Doug Forever!
Photo by Jerome Abellar

So let’s get back to it, shall we? Yes!

World Cup is starting up. Here’s all the games, here are the game times set to Eastern Standard time and finally here is a map of where you can watch in the Bay Area. USA plays England first… Let’s make them suffer!

Meanwhile, while I haven’t been writing a whole lot, I have managed to watch the entire three “seasons” (Brits having a different idea of how many episodes constitutes a season than us) of an amazing BBC series called Black Books. See it. It’s comedy gold that will probably not be remade here in America (like The Office) because there’s too much smoking, drinking and swearing without any (well, only once) sex, murder or blowing things up. Brilliant. I need to find out who wrote the opening theme song…

Speaking of explosions, can anyone explain to me why they can’t simply blow up the hole in the Caribbean leaking all that oil? Or pour several thousand metric tons of concrete over the top? Seriously, it seems ridiculous they build these things without some sort of failsafe or cutoff valve.

Anyways, off we go!

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