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Wedding Invitations

Rosa and I thought long and hard about our wedding invitations. In the end we’re decided to work with Larissa at Papercake Designs. We were going to do a video, but then we saw someone else beat us to the punch line with that idea…

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Stab Me With That Pointy Thing

So I’ve started off 2010 with something I never thought I would try: acupuncture. Rosa got me the appointment at the Kabuki Springs in Japan Town.

I tend to not to go in for these folk remedies and favor hard science (though as everyone knows, it is sometimes far from “hard” as new discoveries are made). Never the less, I went in with an open mind and while I don’t know if it will help, it was an amazingly relaxing experience. Once the needles were inserted I was left in the darkened room by myself for about 40 minutes. If you had asked me how long it was, I would have said ten or fifteen at best. During that time I meditated and let my mind wander. Weirdly I saw a lot of faces. Most of them I didn’t know but Rosa and my Mom’s were in there, as well as my friend from Prague, Richmond.

Afterwards, when heading to my motorcycle, I felt very calm. I felt very light and yet very grounded to the earth. Heavy and light at the same time. It was a nice feeling… Very pohoda.

I wouldn’t recommend acupuncture for everyone, but for me it was extremely relaxing and, who knows, it might even help me in the long run.

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Best of Bootie 2009

If you love mashups, it’s that time of the year again to pick up the столовеBest of Bootie. Go get it!

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Happy New Year

I hope everyone is having a safe New Year’s celebration. May 2010 bring many wonderful event for everyone!

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