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Doug’s 2009 Mix

Doug's 2009 Mix Album Art

I’ve just finished putting together my 2009 mix that I give out to friends and family each year. This year’s was particularly difficult and I rather wish I could have put out a double-disk mix. Maybe I’ll look into jewel cases for next year. The cover was something of a challenge this year. The main portion is a modified version of a piece called “Little Spanish Dancer” and the background is a modification of some lovely detail work by Echo Chernik. Here’s the play list; I’ll put up an iTunes link when I can.

Just You and Me – Zee Avi
Mi Swing Es Tropical – Quantic & Nickodemus
Bruises – Chairlift
5 Years Time – Noah and the Whale
Lisztomania – Phoenix
Love Me Dead – Ludo
Guilty Pleasure – Cobra Starship
Everything Is Everything – Phoenix
Nth Degree – Morningwood
Underwater – Mock & Toof
We Are All Connected – Symphony of Science
La Flaca – Jarabe de Palo
Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts – The Gaslight Anthem
Forever – The Explorers Club
Mingus – I’m from Barcelona
Foundations (Full Explicit Version) – Kate Nash
The Step and the Walk – The Duke Spirit
Graffiti Eyes – Stellastarr*
Supernatural Supergirl – josh kramon
My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated) – This Providence

UPDATE: Here’s the iTune’s Store iMix. It’s $20.01 for all the songs except “We Are All Connected” (which is a free download) but if you write me I might give you a super secret download link…

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Spanish Textbook Update

A while back I was taunting the French because their Academie Francaise is trying to freeze French and control its usage in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Alas, their government supports them. This is why I was happy to see that when the Spanish updated their official language texts from the old 1931 version, they have taken a more enlightened approach which allows for all the variations of Spanish around the world.

The book is billed as a sort of linguistic map that painstakingly documents today’s Spanish in all its richness — there are nearly 20 ways to say ballpoint pen, for instance — and how it varies from country to country, or within one, or from one social class to another.

The new grammar shies from setting cut-and-dry dogma on what is correct and what is not, making instead recommendations as to what the language gurus generally accept to be proper Spanish. The Puerto Rican twist, for instance, is respected as a localism but not something textbook traditional.

These gurus say languages are living things that embrace new words — often English intruders like Internet — and there is no use in trying to control them completely.

“Rules are set by speakers. What the academy does is observe and document,” Garcia de la Concha said at a news conference Wednesday night.

Congratulations to the Spanish Royal Academy on their work!

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Holiday Music

I haven’t been terribly active lately. Uninspired for much of the time (to write, not for many other things!) and busy. It’s the holiday season! So here’s a quick blurb that Apple is releasing a holiday music sampler for free. Go get it!

While you’re at it, you might want to pick up the new A Very Bootie Christmas, a collection of holiday themed mashup music. I haven’t listened to the new one yet, but the 2006 version was amazing.

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