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A Few Free Apps

Hey Mac Users,

If you’re interested in a few free apps head over to MacHeist. They’re giving a few away. Most of them aren’t useful to me, but some are and, if enough people do this, MarinerWrite should be well worth the price of free.


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Halloween Pictures

I wanted to thank everyone for coming to this year’s Halloween Party! It was great fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year. In the meantime I’ve put up some pictures. Here they are!

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Jolt Cola Blasphemy!

I started drinking Jolt Cola when it first came out. Back then the motto was, “All the sugar and twice the caffeine.” So what is this BLASPHEMY?!? Diet Jolt Cola is wrong. Powers that be, make this nightmare go away and restore my faith in you.

Blasphemous Diet Jolt Cola

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