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Meeting Steven Erikson

I’m not a fanboy. I don’t go stalking celebrities or significant people. I don’t goto events or conventions to brush shoulders with the famous or infamous. It’s just not in my nature. I might think about it sometimes, but I have too much pride.

But I had to say I just met Steven Erikson last night and it was pretty cool to talk to an author I respect. Even if I felt a bit like a fanboy. It happened thus…

The mind and crew of Borderlands Books is opening up a cafe soon and I’ve been excited about it since first hearing about it; even more so now that I live in the neighborhood. I’ve been needing a good cafe to spend time in since my days in Prague and this just seems perfect. They won’t be opening yet (alas!) but yesterday night, in conjunction with this year’s World Fantasy Convention, they opened in order to host a bevy of authors, including Steven Erikson.

For those that do not know, and I admit I didn’t know until about six weeks ago myself, Steven Erikson is the author of a series of fantasy books set around an empire called Malazan. The world was built over a very long period of time with his friend Cameron Esslemont, who also writes books that take place there. (As an aside, I will read his books eventually and will then become a fanboy of his, but not until then). The books are pretty vast in scope, covering a myriad of characters, plot lines, situations and emotions. Honestly, in the five minutes I’m writing this I’m not going to be able to come up with a quick and easy review and that’s not my point. Let’s just say it’s the best fantasy I’ve read in many, many years. For that matter it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

Blah blah blah. I went to the table with Mr. Erikson and Mr. Esslemont and talked with them a bit, asked some questions, got an autograph and moved on in order not to feel like too much of a fanboy. But I was. The only question I forgot to ask but wanted to was if there was, somewhere, a complete map of the world they created. I like maps…

RMCA took a few pictures, bless her, and here’s my two favorites.

Steven Erikson at Borderlands Cafe
Steven Erikson at Borderlands Cafe

Someday, it is my sincere hope to have written something on the scale and scope of the Malazan books and have someone appreciate them the way I appreciate Mr. Erikson and Mr. Esslemont’s work.

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Bones, dem Bones

When I lived in Prague I had heard about the Sedlec Ossuary. Eventually I even visited. These were the days before digital cameras and I didn’t bother carrying around an old 35mm camera, so I don’t have pictures. So when I saw this article on about ossuaries I went picture hunting again. I think I’ll have to go back again sometime (and to a few of the others in the article)… This time with my own (digital) camera.

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Bikers and Dogs

As I’ve been riding lately, it came to me that bikers and dogs have a lot of things in common.

Dogs Bikers
Dogs can see each other from a mile away. Bikers see (or hear) other bikers coming from at least as far.
Dogs will say hello to each other. Bikers like to say hello to each other. Bikers mostly do not sniff each other’s crotches, though.
If dogs cannot say hello to each other they at least wag their tails. It’s hard to say hello when riding, so bikers wave to each other.
Dogs will always enjoy being outside. Bikers love to be outside, too… Riding.
If dogs are not enjoying being outside it’s because of rain. Bikers generally do no enjoy riding in the rain.
Dogs are generally happy simply being a dog. Bikers are happy being bikers. Everything else is candy.

What else to bikers and dogs have in common? Try to keep it clean…

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Flooding at Work

Today’s hot news at work was the flood. Yes, I live in San Francisco. We’re known for our earthquakes but not so much for flooding. Ironically it wasn’t even supposed to rain today, so I had ridden my motorcycle. Anyway, rain it did to the point where the storm drains basically EXPLODED. Take a look at this video. If you look carefully in the background you’ll see a brick building; that’s where I work.

The video was shot from where I get my morning coffee almost every day. As a result of that geyser in the middle of the road we got this, which was shot by Courtney from the front of our building. This was after the water receded a bit! The water was coming in all of our doors and even a few places, like a wall window, we never expected it. Courtney also took this picture, which looks out on the intersection of Bay and Powell.

VIZ Flood

As a result of the water damage and the unsanitary water itself (not to mention the stench) the offices are closed tomorrow. Yay…?

What a day to spend my Mom’s birthday!

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4th Annual Bury These People in a Cemetery Party

As previously mentioned here is the invitation for the Halloween party. Click on the picture for a larger version. It’s a bit busy, but that’s because I cobbled together various pictures I’d previously done to make it work.

4th Annual Bury These People in a Cemetery Party


What: Fourth Annual Bury These People in a Cemetery Party
Where: The French Embassy (768 16th Avenue x Fulton in San Francisco)
When: Saturday, October 31st from 8PM until it ends

Now with a Facebook event page.

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The Halloween Party is a Go!

I got the call last night; our (relatively) famous Halloween party is going to happen. This will be our 4th.

What: Fourth Annual Bury These People in a Cemetery Party
Where: The French Embassy (768 16th Avenue x Fulton in San Francisco)
When: Saturday, October 31st from 8PM until it ends

More details to follow, along with a proper invitation. I realize the announcement is coming late but here it is; spread the word! All invited! Meanwhile I’ll be working on A) the invitation picture and B) trying to figure out what to wear. Maybe I could make a costume out of corks?

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Intertron’s Back!

After RMCA and I started moving I badly planned ordering our new internet hookup so for the past couple weeks we’ve been at home… internet-less. Today it is back! For those of you interested I went with Sonic. Very good customer service, great speeds for what I need, and working intertrons!

Incidentally, the previous cork entry is getting some nice comments and ideas. If you have any ideas of what to do with my hundreds of wine corks then click on the link and contribute!

Now then, back to your regularly scheduled stuffs.

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Corks Ahoy!

Here’s something for the intertrons to answer… I have collected a lot of corks from the many, many bottles of wine me (and usually others) have drunk. Several hundred. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do with them? Creative answers are acceptable; saying I should throw them away is not.


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Change Purse

One of the things I picked up when my Grandfather passed away ages and ages ago was a giant Seagram’s Canadian Whiskey bottle. Over the years I’ve been dumping change in it and once in a while cashing that change in for a variety of reasons. For the past several years I’ve been using that money as seed money for me and Jon E’s big Halloween party. Unfortunately, because I’ve moved and because of the move’s timing, we won’t be having that party this year.

So while I was getting some more items moved out of my old place RMCA took all that change and cashed it in. The total? $429.02… That would have made for quite a start! Next year we’ll pick up the Halloween party. In the meantime, anyone know of a good party in San Francisco?

Change Purse

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