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US Loses to Brazil, 3-2

US men’s soccer has come a long way. We’ll be the underdogs in this sport for a long time but today we almost made a second indelible mark in the final of the Confederations Cup against Brazil. Going into the second half we were up 2-0 but then Brazil pulled it together and scored three to win.

Even though we lost, I’m pretty excited because we are doing better and eventually we will beat some of those horribly, desperately conceited teams that really need to have their high horse knocked out from under them. Of course I’d settle for anyone accomplishing this, but I’d be happiest if US was the team to do it.

Congrats, guys, on a great game!

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USA Beats Spain

Congratulations to the US soccer team for beating Spain today, 2-0, in a stunning upset. I only caught the end but I plan on watching highlights later tonight… I’ve heard the second goal was stupendous. This is rough news for Spain, who just came off of having FC Barcelona win the European club league.


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Curtis Jones, RIP

I’ve just gotten news that Curtis Jones, a mainstay of ex-pat culture in Prague for more than two decades, passed away.

RIP, Curtis. If you find the afterlife half as interesting as we found you here I think you will have a pretty good time.

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Muslims Fight Back

I’ve been wondering for years when the Muslim people and not just their pressured governments would start fighting back against extremists in their own countries. It looks like it’s starting now. About time.

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