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Banana Boy’s Moon Video

Banana Boy posted his time lapse video he shot the same night I did this one. He was having troubles focusing and kept moving the camera around. It actually made for a very cool effect and the music he added makes it feel like a prelude… to Friday the 13th?

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A Birthday Moon

Monday was the birthday of one of my best friends (who prefers anonymity). It also happened to be a full moon. I couldn’t pass up the chance to do another time lapse video, this one dedicated to my friend.

The focus on this one is better, though not great. I’m thinking the Samsung SC-MX20 just isn’t a great device for night shooting. It would be really good if there was software that could view and manually tweak a lot of the settings it already allows a user to play with. Oh well. Ironically my biggest issue is that when I upload these videos to YouTube the 16:9 widescreen ration is lost. I just learned about an application called MPEG Streamclip that should embed the ratio tag in the file. We’ll see if it works the next time I try uploading something…

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Samurai Umbrella

With great amusement I present to you the Samurai Umbrella (via It brings me back to days in college, lugging about my wooden bokken, whacking and being whacked by my friends. Since those days, whenever I’ve carried one of those long, non-folding umbrellas I noticed I tend to carry it like a sword, ready to be drawn. The Samurai Umbrella takes that one step beyond. All I need now is a hidden blade inside. Then I can fight my enemies and keep dry at the same time!

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Books from (half of) 2008!

I didn’t do a good job last year putting up my crappy little reviews of the many books I read. At some point it felt too much like an obligation and not enough like fun. I did, however, put them up on Facebook with a little blurb most of them. I thought it might be interesting to share them here, too, since I would never, ever require anyone to sign up for Facebook just to take a look at a few books I read. I mean, I just signed up myself about six months ago (so this list isn’t even for the whole year!) and I did it mostly because I was getting so many invitations I thought it would be easier to just sign up and then ignore them all. Little did I know it would suck me in. It’s addictive, like when I was in college and would buy a bag of jalopeno flavored chips… I could never eat just a few. It was the whole bad or nothing and I always ate the whole thing even if it made my stomach feel funny.

Anyways, the list! They are in order of reading, from about June of 2008. Book title, author, number of stars (with half stars!), and if I wrote it a little blurb of thoughts. One of my HUGE goals for 2008 was to explore and try reading new authors; I realized I was in a rut and not discovering anything new. I started by going to Borderlands Bookstore on Valencia and scouring their shelves. It became something of a treat for me, actually. I would ride my motorcycle to the Mission, park, get a coffee, walk around the neighborhood, stop by Munroe Motors, then finally hit Borderlands and spend a good hour looking at books. I avoided buying books by authors I’d been reading all my life and focused on new authors whenever possible.

Not all of the books on this list were part of that expidition. Honored Enemy and A War of Gifts were loaned to me by friends. My Dad gave me the Sensei books when I was out over the summer and I ran out of reading, and he recommended Old Man’s War which was amazing. The Emperor Norton and the Jung books I read for research. The rest, though, were mostly new authors. I plan on continuing this trend throughout 2009 and beyond, though I hope to finish a few of the books that I learned are actually series. Who knows? I might even get trendy and attempt proper reviews again here on the site instead of waiting until the beginning of 2010 to share them with the world again.

Blah blah blah… If you want to see the books, they’re after the jump!

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