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Underworld Rise of the Lycans

If you’re a fan of the Underworld movie franchise, definitely go see this movie. Even if you’re interested in seeing the rest, this is a brilliant place to start. Underworld Rise of the Lycans is a prequel to the previously released Underworld and Underworld Evolution movies. Usually prequels fail because the writers convolute the story to follow (which already exists), add unnecessary elements, confuse character motivations, and just generally screw up what potentially could be a brilliant excursion. As evidence, watch the most recently released Star Wars movies. Complete suck, and yet they could have been so very good.

Anyways, Rise of the Lycans was quite good. Even having not seen any of the other movies this one stands alone. I was not a huge fan of the blue tint (as were the others I saw the movie with) but I got over that pretty quickly. Amazingly, the same actors came and reprised their characters adding a welcome consistency to the franchise, much like all of the background characters in the Harry Potter movies.

Great movie. Two thumbs up. Someday I’m going to have to create a rating system… For now, two thumbs up.

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Temporary Outage Today

Well, for the first time in almost three years my hosting provider, the great, had an issue with their server that required a restore from backups. Sadly the backup was a few days old. I’ve restored the posts themselves, but I know I’ve lost some of the comments like Melchoir and Nob Hill Ken’s on the last video post. If you care to comment again feel free!

I guess I should learn to backup more often myself, but I don’t think in this case it would have made much of a difference… It’s hard to back up from a distance every night! Besides, that’s why I retain my RSS feeds, neh? -_^

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Driving After Rain

It’s raining for the first time in a long time here in San Francisco. I’ve not seen such a pack of idiot drivers on the road as I did this morning. Accidents, slowness, idiotic and dangerous weaving… I’m really glad I drove instead of riding the motorcycle (though I could have potentially made it to my destination in half the time).

WTF, people! Seriously, if you got your license in the past year then you’ve driven in rain before. The rules haven’t changed. For all our sakes, please get with the program.

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Sunrise Over Downtown San Francisco

I’ve made another time lapse video. I had the opportunity to shoot this from the unique vantage point of a 40th floor apartment overlooking downtown San Francisco. Unlike the last one, this one is in three second intervals. I did do some contrast adjustment to make the shadows stand out a bit more but otherwise here it is.

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Live Action Cowboy Bebop

Wow. I’ve just heard that Twentieth Century Fox has tapped Keanu Reeves to play Spike Speigel in a live action adaption of one of my favorite Japanese anime shows, Cowboy Bebop. There’s nothing in IMDB about it yet. Who will play Jet, Faye or Ed? How will they manage Ein? Which story line will they use? Eegads, I hope they bring in Yoko Kanno to do the soundtrack. I just won’t be the same otherwise…

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Old School Comfort Food

Yesterday I made old school comfort food for me and RMCA… Kraft Mac and Cheese, hot dogs and peas. I had this pretty often when I was a kid. Every year for my birthday my Mom would ask what I wanted and the one consistent item was the Mac and Cheese. I even had filet mignon with Mac and Cheese one year.

Old school comfort food. What’s yours?

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Moonrise Over the Bay

I was given a nice little Samsung SC-MX20 camera for XMas by RMCA. One of the many nice things it can do is time lapse video and I’ve been playing around with that. I did one video with all settings (focus, exposure, etc) set to auto and while it was alright it wasn’t quite good enough. Last night the moon came up over the Oakland hills and I quickly got out the camera and tried to set up the shot. Alas, it gets dark far too quickly as you can see here.

Eventually I want to get this technique down and do a short video about San Francisco in a project with Banana Boy. He’s already been experimenting using his Nikon SLR so I have some catching up to do. Incidentally, this is the first YouTube video I’ve ever posted. Surprisingly I don’t feel dirty.

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City-Wide Free WiFi Idea

Here’s how city-wide free wifi could be accomplished.

Design commercial wifi routers so that consumer, when they purchase them from ISPs have two “pipes”. One is for the consumer using approximately 85% of the available bandwidth. Access to this pipe is password protected as per (what should be) normal. This guarantees that the consumer is getting speed. The second pipe, which is only 15% of the pipe, does not have a password. Anyone could access the internet using it. The only problem is it would only really be useful for basic things like email and surfing the web, especially in locations where many people connect.

It’s not a perfect idea but the technical aspects, if they aren’t already possible, shouldn’t be to difficult. Cities could possibly legislate this, giving incentives to ISPs and consumers for participating in such a plan.

Just an idea, free for the taking.

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Best of Bootie 2008

For those of you interested in mashups, BootieUSA put up their Best of Bootie 2008, a continuous play “CD” of what they consider the best mashups in their worldwide repertoire. Download and listen! I’ll be listening myself later today. Be sure to get the extra tracks, too!

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