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Happy New Year: 2009

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a happy, healthy, productive and safe 2009. But first a few drinks and time with friends. I’m up in Tahoe with a few right now, typing away as they play on the Wii fitness games.

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Happy (Belated) Holidays!

Well, I’m back from a week spent on the East Coast with my family with RMCA and the Laskeys. It was a great little trip seeing my Dad, brother, LN, sister, and many nephews and nieces. While there’s always some degree of tension in these things, especially between my brother and sister, it was much better than even just a few years ago. I thought being in my parent’s old house without my Mom would be kind of uncomfortable it wasn’t.

One of the great pleasures was getting to know my nephews again. It had been about five years since I saw them last and they’ve grown and changed into interesting, intelligent and energetic kids. Too energetic sometimes. :) Guys, I owe you one heck of a pillow fight.

Anyways, I’m back in San Francisco now taking care of the household cleaning before heading out and running errands. While it is good to be back I’m missing my family more than I expected. Yes, we’re a bunch of strangers in some ways yet at the same time I feel closer to them than I ever thought I would. I will try to make sure that closeness remains strong.

Meanwhile, Happy Belated Holidays to everyone and I hope the coming New Year is a good one.

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Heidi Klum on a Triumph

Yes, it’s shallow of me, but in the spirit of a previous entry of mine featuring Milla Jovovich on a Triumph, here is Heidi Klum posing on one, too.

Heidi Klum on a Triumph Motorcycle   Heidi Klum (topless?) on a Triumph Motorcycle

Images found via Egotastic! after random searches on Google.

Oh, and by the way, today is Milla Jovovich’s birthday; Happy Birthday Milla!

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WordPress Upgrade to Coltrane

I took the time this morning to upgrade this site and to the latest WordPress installation (2.7) called Coltrane. While you probably won’t know it just by looking, if you use WordPress yourself you will probably LOVE the new Dashboard. I find it much more organized and simple to navigate. My only issue (?) is there isn’t an obvious “new post” button somewhere, though they have a fancy QuickPress widget that allows you to quickly write something up and post it.

Overall it seems pretty nice. If I run into anything particularly irritating I’ll post it in the comments…

UPDATE: I see the New Post button at the top right now… Weird because I could swear it wasn’t there before.

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Star Wars! Live! Onstage!

Last Friday night a small group of us went to the Dark Room Theater to see an officially sanctioned stage version of Star Wars. I was a little hesitant because, after all, how do you recreate an epic like Star Wars with a cast of ten and a stage the size of a walk-in closet? Yet they pulled it off, and pulled it off but good. Sure they flubbed lines and had costumes falling off their bodies but overall it was a brilliant adaption, and they even snuck in a little Rosencrantz and Guildenstern homage with two stormtroopers to work around some of the trickier scenes like the security block attack and the garbage mashers on the detention level. Nicely done! Even the obviously improvised portions rocked.

(Grand Moff Tarkin is upset that Princess Leia lied about the location of the secret rebel base)

Tarkin: She lied? Terminate her!

Vader: I’ll contact HR.

This gag was delivered by Dave McKew, better known to me as part of the local comedy group Up Hill Both Ways, and he was simply brilliant as both Darth Vader and Chewbacca (as was, I should mention, the fellow who played C3P0 whose name I can’t seem to find). The only part missing from the stage production was the music, which either they couldn’t get the rights to do or found itself migrating to another venue. They made up by using music from a rather random array of other movies and shows, some of which were funny in context of the scenes.

Brilliant stuff, but if you want to see this (possibly) once in a lifetime event you’d best grab tickets now because the run ends on December 27th.

BTW, the only downer of the evening was going to dinner at Luna Park after the show. I know it’s a popular and trendy place to go at night on the weekends but this sucked. Crowded, the bartender forgetting our drinks and being seated well after people arriving after us and rude girls who thought they were “all that”… I have to admit the host made his best effort to make up for these strikes but the end result is that I’ll never voluntarily go there at night again.

But Star Wars, live onstage, was an amazing and wonderful experience. I hope they make a video.

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Long and Tall

At what point in a child’s life do their parents stop describing them as X many inches long to X many inches tall?

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BSG Auction Catalog

The folks putting together the Battlestar Galactica auction have put up the PDF version of the catalog. You can download it here. I am super excited by some of the items, and really sad that the least expensive starting point is $300. I might have to go into debt…

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