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Outside Lands Music Festival

The ландшафтOutside Lands Music Festival is happening right now in Golden Gate Park. Tonight: Radio Head. Tomorrow: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Sunday: Jack Johnson. Apparently this is a big deal for festivals in San Francisco.


Come on people. It took me almost an hour to get home tonight, in what should normally be a 20 minute commute. On my motorcycle. Cutting lanes. It took my flatmate almost two hours to travel not even 15 miles. There are something like 160,000 people expected in the park over the weekend, an ungodly percentage of those people driving. I direct you to this from the last link above:

Radiohead cares about carbon-neutral touring, and wants to site shows at places with transit; like GGP.

This means the band all you crap drivers are coming to see DOES NOT WANT YOU TO DRIVE. So don’t. Take the bus. Walk. Don’t park on the sidewalks. Don’t get pissy when you can’t find parking. Don’t cut people off because they aren’t going as fast as you think they should. Respect the neighborhoods you are over-burdening with your presence.

I really love that we are having this event in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, but for frack’s sake plan ahead. I hope the next two days are better…

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Galactica Auction Lust

I’m not one, despite my love of science fiction, to collect props and items from TV shows. Battlestar Galactica broke me of that habit when I wanted to dress up the part for Halloween one year. I picked up a few fan made props online. Excellent quality stuff, but nothing like the real thing.

A while ago I heard that SciFi Channel would hold an auction of BSG items and I thought, Cool, it would be pretty keen to get something from the show. Well, the site for the auction, Battlestar Galactica Props & Costumes, is live and they are posting pictures and I am drooling over some of the items they have. Worse (?) is that they just started so a great majority of what they will sell isn’t even online yet.

Want. Lust. Want. I hope there are a few items that are affordable for a poor guy in San Francisco…

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(Imperial) Fleet Week in San Francisco

Speaking of Star Wars, someone did a really good job bringing the Imperial Troops home to San Francisco for Imperial Fleet Week. Thanks to Banana Boy for the awesome video link!

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Star Wars Lego (t)iFighter

I don’t know why this image tickles me so, but it does, and here it is!

Star Wars Lego iPhone

Source. Thanks to Dave for sending this!

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Dear Stinking Rose

Dear Managers and Owners of The Stinking Rose,

I used to love your restaurant. Not just because I love garlic, but because the food was genuinely good and the service friendly and considerate. Yet the last few times I was there, and particularly last night, have left me feeling bitter and a bit betrayed.

I understand that your location is a popular place for tourists to visit but I never felt like I was being treated as anything but a local when I started eating in your establishment many years ago. Now I feel like even the IHOP at Fisherman’s Wharf has better service than you. Scratch that, I know the IHOP has better service. Listen, just because you have tourists doesn’t mean your waitstaff can get away with ignoring tables, getting an order wrong, and being clueless. When someone at our table asks for water, the waiter should not just got fetch a new jug of water and plop it on the table (as if we’re sending him out of his way). Poor the bloody glass of water! Five seconds and we’re happy.

Incidentally, the past several times I was at your restaurant I felt like the goal was to take the order, deliver the food and deliver the check as quickly as possible. I don’t know about the tourists but I happen to enjoy conversations. For the prices you are charging, even with rising fuel costs driving up stock, I shouldn’t EVER feel like I’m being hurried. Ever.

Your kitchen, at least according to your waitstaff, does not know how to cook meat. Asking for rare should not raise eyebrows, nor should asking for a “black and blue” cut. Medium rare should not be the reddest your staff can prepare, especially for the UNGODLY prices you are charging. Yes, your food is far too expensive. When is $20 considered acceptable for a reasonable sized (and a bit dry) pork chop with a spoonful of “caramelized” (read: soaked in some… something) apples and a bit of mashed potatoes that looked like they’d been sitting on a hot plate for half an hour?

Look, I’m not so pissed off that I won’t go back. I’ll go back one more time, sometime in the future, and try you out again. If the food isn’t worth the money, and the waitstaff is a pack of rejects from some suburban TGIF, then I simply won’t go back. I will also let everyone I know not to go, as well.

PS: The one thing that was excellent last night was the hostess. She was smart, efficient and very courteous. She even went the extra step and guided two of our guests to the table when they were lost. That is service. Give that woman a raise.

PPS: Maybe you should give anyone with San Francisco residency a discount if you won’t make efforts to improve service. It’s not a solution (you still need better waitstaff) but it would be something.

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Rusting Away

Regardless of the slow posting, I do read a lot online (I’m just too lazy lately to post the links!). Recently I found an article on aging in which scientists found evidence that the traditional notion of age, that we simply wear down over time, may not be entirely true. Their research suggests that age might be the result of an evolutionary process. They point to animals that live well into their many hundreds of years like tortoises (laying eggs into their hundreds), certain whales (living to be over 200) and clams (that can make it a whopping 400 years). The money quote for me, though, was this.

“Everyone has assumed we age by rust,” Kim said.

Help me! I’m rusting away!

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Welcome to the Help Desk

Life at work has been busy. A little too busy. Which is why this picture that NHK sent me seems just far too appropriate… :-)

Help Desk Warning

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