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Sequence of Vengence

Or, How to Play a Prank and Get Punked

It all started innocently enough with a couple of my friends at work playing a prank on the new girl concerning a Pocky Incident. Jenner, however, isn’t one to take it sitting down and plotted a path to revenge. One car covered in saran wrap and toilet paper, the truck covered in 1600 yellow post-it notes. The thing was covered.

Unfortunately, the victims found out (partly because Jenner had done something like this before) and turned the tables, taking all of it and covering her car. I guess that happens when everyone parks in the same garage and knows what you drive. From Jenner:

I should have moved my effing car though, they promptly dumped all this crap onto my car when they discovered my handiwork. Buts that’s OK. For the next phase (or is it phases?) that isn’t an option.

So who is the next target? What will the payback be? When will I strike? Only I know………

All I know is they’d best leave me out of it because if I get served, well, let’s just say revenge is a dish best served cold. Meanwhile you can watch events unfold at Operation Pocky Payback.

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Doctor Horrible\'s Sing-Along Blog

Alright, I have to admit I was skeptical at first. Some time ago I saw mention of this weird Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and I was like, Huh? I read mention how awesome it was, how amazing it was, la la la. Well, I finally said, “Fuck it,” and went to the website to check it out. I can watch it online? For free? OK.

Only I got there too late. They’d taken it down. It was now only available from the iTunes Store. Hmmm… Not the kind of thing I would normally do, but I went and looked and it was $4 for the show. All ~45 minutes of it. I spend $4 for a couple songs. 45 minutes of story and a load of songs? Guided by whim, I bought it. (Apparently you can watch it for free on Hulu).

I’ve watched it four times now.

I love it.

You will, too.

If you love superhero stories = YES
If you love origin stories = YES
If you love musicals = YES
If you love the geek = YES
If you love something that twists = YES
If you breathe air = YES

Seriously, I didn’t think I would like this show quite so much. I thought I might watch it once or twice, but for four bucks it wouldn’t be any real loss. I can see myself watching this again and again, and every time I’ve seen it I notice more nuance and detail I never though I would. Get it. Seriously.

For more check out the out the officially unofficial fan site and, once membership is open, join the Evil League of Evil.

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Lust on Two Wheels

Via Wired.

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Karoshi… Do Not Want

Work has been crackers. I mean, it gets busy sometimes but lately it’s been nothing but frantic and I can feel it. Partly it’s the season, partly it’s my own fault, but mostly I attribute much to Murphy.

Which is why when I saw this article about Japanese salary men working so much they keel over dead I thought, Do not want. It happens often enough that they even have a word for it: Karoshi.

Absolutely. Positively. Do. Not. Want.

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WordPress for iPhone

I heard about the release of WordPress for iPhone so I upgraded my blog ( and with the latest version of WordPress, set up the app on my phone and started writing this post. Very nice! It looks like I’ll be able to post pics from here, too. I’ll try that on another date.

It’s slow typing on here but it’s great that I’m no longer tethered to a computer. Yay WordPress!

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How Do They Do That?

With shows like How It’s Made gaining popularity on the brainier channels, I think it’s the perfect time to make fun of the genre. I think we need a show called How Do They Do That? It sounds like it would feature magicians or card sharks or corrupt politicians or something. Instead it will feature those guys that drive unpopular tour buses and drone the same spiel day in and day out. How do that do that? Or the tattooed guys who wants to be an actor so he valets cars at restaurants in the swanky part of town quoting Shakespeare to customers hoping -beyond hope- that he’ll get noticed. How do they do that? Or the politician caught in the act, yet goes into full denial even holding a press conference. How do they do that?

Any ideas of your own?

(Ironically right after writing this I turned on the television and How Do They Do It came on; I might have to think of a new name for my show.)

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Hellboy: The Golden Army

I went and saw Hellboy tonight with friends. I loved the first one and this one is just as good, though definitely different. More humor, more character, and a villain I could identify with. Lesson learned: never invite Red to karaoke…

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Tonight We Vacuum in Hell!

Three weeks ago I meant to vacuum my space in the house. I hadn’t in about a month and the cat hair was getting… thick. But then I spent three weeks on the east coast and the cats had free reign. It is amazing how much they shed in just those three weeks. Normally I never let my cat on the bed (there are historical reasons for this). I got in and went to move the strange pillow at the bottom corner of my bed and realized it was a pile of cat hair. Urgh. The accumulated detritus of cat hair.

Tonight I vacuumed. It took me an hour. I think I might go over it all again tomorrow, just to be sure. And buy a brush for the damn cat. He likes that sort of thing anyways…

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Laptop AWOL!

I’m back in San Francisco. Arrived late last night. Left backpack with laptop in taxi. Called taxi service. Taxi driver not answering CB or cell phone. Frack. This morning is the same story. On top of everything else, if I don’t get my laptop back I think I will turn from being rather sad to rather angry. Since I have the taxi driver’s car number the taxi driver will be found, too.


The driver finally turned on his CB or answered his phone and… turned in my bag! Awesome! Thanks to Frank at dispatch and Mark at their HQ for all their help. I’m so relieved. Guess what I’ll be backing up when I get home. ;)

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My Eulogy for Mom

One day when I was four or five I was near hysterics, running around the house and crying inconsolably. Finally my Mom caught me, pulled me on the couch and held me in one of her precious hugs. “What is it?” she asked, to which I balled even more. Somehow at such a young age I learned that everyone dies. “I don’t want you to die!” You consoled me and even laughed. “Everyone dies and that’s a part of life.” Somehow this made sense.

But on a Wednesday morning in June you died. I still understand the lesson you taught me: death is a part of life. Knowing this doesn’t make it easier.

The other day I asked my Mom’s very good friend how she was doing. I was concerned for her because all the focus the past couple weeks has been on us, the family. “I miss my friend,” she said. So simple. So powerful. I didn’t know what to say. How do you respond to that kind of loss?

Mom was all about family. Despite the distances she kept us connected. She was the family hub. If I have one single regret at her passing it is that I never married and had our Mother/Son dance. She will never get to meet the children I have but they will know about her, and she will live on in them.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard her say, “Life’s just tough all over.” Despite that she would be the first to support anyone if they had a plan to get through their difficulties. She was also the first to encourage me to move on. Once when a girlfriend and I had broken up she replied, “I’m very sorry to hear that, Dear. When are you going to start dating again?”

Mom would have been the first to encourage us to carry on and live meaningful lives. This doesn’t diminish the love she had for us, or our love for her. Yet life moves on. I am not a religious person so I am not banking on seeing Mom in some afterlife. But she does live on in my blood, in our memories and how we conduct our lives. She lives on in her family, her friends, the kids she’s taught, and all the lives she’s touched throughout her life.

I don’t have a lot of quick, insightful stories about my Mom. She was a consistent constant throughout my life. Loving, caring, stern, teasing, wise, giving. These aren’t qualities that lend themselves to vignettes. Her life needs a novel -a series of novels- to reveal the depth and breadth of her contributions and qualities.

Mom loved us, each of us, unconditionally and unforgivingly. I miss that love. I miss my Mom.

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