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Physical Goodbyes

Yesterday we went to see my Mom before the cremation. I was really worried about seeing her. My Dad already warned me that she wouldn’t look anything like what I remembered of her. I worried that seeing her body would skew my memory of her, that my connection with her would be corrupted by seeing what had become of her. Weirdly it had the opposite effect. I had a wave of memories that I’m still processing in my mind, all of them coming together to form a memory and a fondness that I’d forgotten. In saying goodbye to her body I found something new that I won’t call happiness -I’ll never be happy about her death- but something that made me smile. I love her, I’ll miss her, and she’d be the first person to tell me we’ll be alright. And we will be.

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My Mom’s Memorial Service Date

My Mom’s memorial services will be on July 2nd at the Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church in Burke, VA at 1PM. My Mom was hoping people would contribute to the American Cancer Society to help fight the disease that took her life. She also wanted flowers to be sent to those who could still use their symbol of hope, comfort and support at the Walter Reed Medical Center and the Bethesda Navy Medical Center. Please make donations in my Mom’s name, Susan Ann Nerad.

On a very personal note, I want to thank you for all your support. My family and I truly appreciate it. Sometimes it’s very hard and sometimes it’s alright. When I finally get back to San Francisco I’m planning on going out somewhere and having a toast for my Mom and for Moms everywhere. I’d be honored if anyone able to come would join me.

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Susan Ann Nerad

This morning my Mom passed away from her cancer and cancer related illness. I’m in shock. It will hit me soon. All of you, call your Moms and tell her you love her.

Susan Nerad and Ernest Haynes Susan and Joseph Nerad\'s Wedding Susan and Joseph Nerad with Doug Douglas, Christopher, Heather and Susan Nerad Chis, Lisa, Jake, Joe and Susan Nerad Heather, Karma, Joe and Sue Nerad Joe and Sue Nerad in San Francisco

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Just a Couple Things

Several random links. I’m going to watch the Czech Republic take on Turkey in the Euro Cup in just a few minutes. Speaking of Turkey, I was just telling a friend a couple days ago about how Turkey is such a mystery to me. I know a lot about its history but not much about modern Turkey, especially its politics and how it fits (or doesn’t fit) into Europe (it is trying to join the European Union) or entirely in the Muslim world, either. This article, which I think was written to clarify, actually just confuses me more. I will have to look into this unique country’s situation more.

In the more nerdy world, I was alerted to a new independent film being produced about constructed languages. It’s not a topic you’d think would be made into a comedy but as you can see if you mix in awkward high school crushes anything can be pretty funny. More information on this film here.

Meanwhile, I want to build these goggles. Pretty freaking cool, and surprisingly simple.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

UPDATE: Czech Republic lost in a very dramatic second half. *sigh*

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I’m (Not) Voting Republican

I love political sarcasm. I like making fun of all political parties, even the ones that I agree with. Unfortunately for the Republican party, I haven’t agreed too much with them for a very long time. With that in mind, this video from the site I’m Voting Republican I found particularly bitter and sweet.

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Electric Motorcycles

Obviously gasoline powered cars will eventually go the way of the Dodo. Motorcycles get tons better gas mileage than the most fuel efficient automobiles (on average; there are some gas guzzling bikes out there) but eventually it would be nice to have a motorcycle with the power, speed and handling of a petrol based engine but running off electricity.

Some of the attempts are better suited to scooters for all the power and styling they have. Yet Suzuki is working on something it calls the Suzuki Crosscage. Apparently it runs on hydrogen which would be great in a city where you can get the fuel delivered to your house and suck if you wanted to go on a road trip (unless you’re in Iceland where they promote it).

Some day…

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Galactica Women on Motorcycles

As you’ve probably guessed, I love Battlestar Galactica. I’m also excited about motorcycles since I started riding. A few months ago I linked to pictures of Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff cruising around the Solvang wine country. Now they’re at it again, in a photo shoot, for Interview Magazine. Ah, Katee, if you weren’t already taken… and completely out of my league… etc.


Katee Sackhoff in Interview Magazine

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