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Iron Man Rocks

I just got back from seeing Iron Man tonight with a bunch of friends from work. Aside from some pacing issues, this movie rocked. Robert Downey Jr. nailed Tony Stark, rich playboy tinkerer (I would love to travel with him on his private plane!) but the most impressive actor was Jeff Bridges playing Obadiah Stane. I didn’t even know it was him until the credits rolled. The effects were spot on and though it left some lose ends I feel quite certain we’ll be seeing another Iron Man movie.

No Marvel-based movie would be complete without Stan Lee in a cameo role. He appeared as a hot dog vendor in X-Men, a security guard in Ang Lee’s Hulk, and in a couple of the Spider Man movies. In this one he appears as a playboy. The ultimate playboy: Hugh Hefner!

Even if you aren’t a fan of the comic book (and, honestly, I’m not) this was a lot of fun. I’d venture to say it’s even better if you have no knowledge of the comic, which in my book means they (the writer and director) did a brilliant job. Summer movie season kicks off with a blast with Iron Man. I’d even go see this one again!

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Anime On The Web

(Disclosure: I work for VIZ Media, a partner in this venture).

Almost a year ago Cartoon Network launched Toonami Jetstream, a website where you could watch certain anime titles for free. The problem was that you could only view them using a Windows computer.

Starting today, though, Cartoon Network has changed the format and now viewers from all platforms and watch anime on the web. Awesome! Current titles include Naruto and Hikaru No Go, both of which I recommend.

Congrats Cartoon Network, on being inclusive rather than exclusive. You’ve even added the ability to embed video from your site to ours. Awesome.

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I never thought I could be so content so alone.

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Exhausted Whinging

Lately I’ve been super stressed with work. There is far too much going on and it’s affecting my sleep. This isn’t too unusual and once the projects are over I’ll get back to my normally scheduled patterns. A monkey wrench was thrown into all of this with the bad news that my Mom has some form of cancer. She just found out so the test results aren’t back. Until then we don’t know much more than what I just told you.

Normally I try not to let unknowns affect me too terribly much. After all getting stressed about the unknown causes anxiety that no one needs or wants. I wasn’t always one to push aside worries about things I had no control over or that were simply made up possibilities. At some point in my life I discovered I felt a lot better and relaxed if I just dealt with the facts instead of speculation. No matter the perspective, though, my Mom’s situation is bothering me.

When I was four or five we lived in the Boston area. One day I was near hysterics, running around the house and crying inconsolably. Finally my Mom caught me, pulled me on the couch and held me in one of her precious hugs. “What is it?” she asked, to which I balled even more. Somehow at such a young age I learned that everyone dies. “I don’t want you to die!”

Mom, even if we lived forever, that sentiment is still true.

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Are Allergies Getting To You?

Is it my imagination or is every year that passes getting worse and worse for people with allergies? When I was a kid I didn’t know anyone with allergies. A few adults like, unfortunately, my Mom, but none of us kids. Sure we got chicken pox and colds and stuff like that, but I’d never even heard of allergies to freaking peanuts until I was far into adulthood myself. If any of us were allergic to peanuts when I was a kid we would all be dead because the cafeteria had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at least weekly. Hmm… I take it back; I remember one kind of allergy. Bee stings. I remember one kid was allergic to bee stings and had to carry some syringe with him all the time. We thought it was weird and exotic and cool even though I had a deadly fear of needles. To my knowledge he never was stung since he learned of his allergy.

These days, though, everyone seems allergic to something. Pollen, dust, cats, dogs, wool, antibiotics, any number of foods… I can’t express how happy I am that I have none of these problems. It seems everyday someone is complaining about allergies of one kind or another. Every year their numbers seem to be getting larger, their attacks and reactions to our common environment worse. Is it my imagination or are things really getting worse for people with allergies? Is this the new evolution, slowly weeding people out based on their physical intolerance to the world around them?

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Work is Hard

Man, what a week. Sometimes you have those weeks that never end, where it seems you put in the whole week’s worth of work in the first two days. Not necessarily by the number of hours but simply by the amount of stress involved in getting things done. I just had one of those weeks. It’s Saturday now and I’m about to head in to work to do the next-to-final part that I have to do to call this week over. I wish I could talk about what I’m doing and complain about it’s various aspects because they are interesting to a general audience, but unfortunately they are “secret” and I’d probably get in trouble talking about them.

Let me just say that it’s like pulling teeth trying to help the people who need it the most, especially when they are the ones who asked for the tooth removal and braces to fill in the gaps.

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I Am Legend

Mookee and I just finished watching the movie I Am Legend. I had heard many things when this movie came out but what I mostly heard was that the ending was disappointing.

I actually liked it. While I can’t explain to you why the one weird creature was so keen on chasing down Robert Neville (played by Will Smith) the story showed it consistent and relentless. It almost had to end the way it did.

I guess I did a good job avoiding all the hype, marketing and general talk about the show because I seriously had no idea the zombie/vampire creatures were in the movie. None. It certainly made for a more interesting experience!

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Mark Twain Surfed!

Well here’s something I never knew. Samuel Clemens, known throughout the world as Mark Twain, tried surfing in Hawaii over a century ago. Wow!

I tried surf-bathing once, subsequently, but made a failure of it. I got the board placed right, and at the right moment, too; but missed the connection myself.—The board struck the shore in three quarters of a second, without any cargo, and I struck the bottom about the same time, with a couple of barrels of water in me.

Awesome. How strange that surfing was known over a hundred years ago. Of course I often forget that The Duke was popularizing surfing a century ago, too.

Still, Mark Twain! Imagine if he had written a story about it?

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Heat Wave in San Francisco

I am generally not one that enjoys the heat. It’s humid often, you sweat, there’s little escape. I prefer cooler climates. It’s easier to put on layers; at some point you can’t take off any more clothing. This is at times it’s own benefit but not when you have to goto work.

Contrary to my predilection, however, we’ve been going through a little heat wave here in San Francisco and topped 80ºF (27ºC) and it’s been great. Especially at night. Normally once the sun goes down here you’re wearing at a minimum a thin jacket. Friday and Saturday nights were t-shirts only.

Friday my company celebrated an anniversary with a mini-offsite meeting and bowling party. When that ended a group of about 30 of us went to a bar and played pool, threw darts, talked, drank and had a lovely time. When I got home at 11PM (keeping in mind we’d all been drinking since 2PM) it was cooler but quite comfortable.

Last night was amazing, though. A group of us went to my neighbor’s birthday gathering at Zeitgeist and spent hours on the patio in the shockingly warm night air. I’ve never seen the place so crowded. Sadly I’d also never seen so many huppies (hip young professionals) there, either. Poor Zeitgeist, you were discovered and made popular and you’ll probably never be a proper motorcycle bar again.

Today is looking to be just as amazing as the past several. Sadly this scuttles my plans to go for a ride on my motorcycle as far too many people will be out in droves on the roads today. Still, I think I might go find an outdoor cafe somewhere, read a good book and enjoy the day. Temperatures that hold to warm into the late evening generally only happen a few times a year here. I’m planning on taking advantage of it.

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Free Ti-Butt

I’m very irritated that I didn’t get to see the Olympic Torch. Pro-Tibet, Pro-China, demonstrators everywhere… The people who suffered are people like me who view the Olympics as sporting events for the world, who want to participate in a world event even as a spectator.

No one won this race. We all lost. Thanks a lot, jerks.

Still we were in a generally good mood today at work and came up with this idea for a XXX movie. “The Dolly Llama and Mao Say Tongue star in Free Ti-Butt.” Coming to a protest march near you.

Dolly Llama and Mao Say Tongue in Free Ti-Butt

As one co-worker pointed out, the “Tong” in “Mao Tse Tong” is pronounced “dong”. That works for purposes of this film, too.

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