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I Love Maths

I love math, despite my serious deficiencies in that realm. So when I saw this geometry puzzler, dubbed the world’s hardest easy geometry puzzle, I had to try my hand at it.

And I’m still working on it, three hours into the problem. I see the solution but I am having problems getting to the proof and it’s driving me bonkers. Tonight I will tackle it again from scratch since my original paper is covered in lines, intersections, and too many labels and numbers. I can’t read it anymore!

Give it a go… It’s deceptively difficult.

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Memo to Self: Detailed Statements

Memo to Myself: if ever I’m involved in an incident that requires me to make a statement to the police, make sure it is detailed and that I review it once or twice before submitting it officially.

(This comes from watching the cross examination of witnesses at the trial I am on the jury for…)

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Tay Zonday

The intertubes are an amazing place. I don’t know if I’m late to the game on this one but I’ve just discovered Tay Zonday and his amazing music and videos on YouTube. At first I wasn’t that terribly impressed but it grew on me and now, about an hour later, I’ve watched all of his music videos and am wishing there was more. The guy is pretty amazing in an “I’m only an amateur now, wait till you see me hit the big time cause it’s gonna happen soon” kind of way. In fact, he reminds me a lot, for some reason, of perennial favorite They Might Be Giants.

Love it love it love it.

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Going to the Happy Beyond

I drove up to Tahoe on Saturday for my friend Bill’s bachelor party. I met up with everyone on the slopes of Heavenly and, naturally, I wiped out on my first run. I think this was the first wipe out I’ve ever had where I thought I might have a serious injury. Somehow I caught a bad edge, propellered through the air and slammed the inside of my right knee on the hard pack. Fortunately it’s just bruised and swollen. I kept snowboarding but kept it easy.

The weird thing about South Lake Tahoe is that it straddles the California and Nevada border. We stayed in a hotel right on the CA side, and walked out the front door and into Harrah’s and Harvey’s. We had a huge steak dinner and drank a lot, and then hit the tables. Or, I should say, some of us hit the tables. I did not. If I gamble and don’t put money down I win most of the time. If I do put money down I always lose.

It was quite a drunk, but overall well behaved. The married men in the group wanted to get a stripper but, counter-intuitively, the single guys were not interested. I think the bulk of us went to bed around 3AM.

Now I am absolutely exhausted but pretty content. If I ever get married (and that “if” looms larger and larger every year) I think I would do something similar to this party… Goto Tahoe and hit the slopes, hang out with friends, repeat to fade. There are definitely worse ways of going to the happy beyond.

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BSG Season 4 on 4/4

Battlestar Galactica’s final season kicks off on April 4th and I can’t wait. And to whet our appetites the SciFi Channel has been blitzing the media with all kinds of print and TV ads and other items, such as this summary or seasons one, two and three in eight minutes. Though it doesn’t do the show justice by itself it’s quite funny and covers so-o much ground. So many plot lines are covered and yet not even all of them! The cast of BSG even went on David Letterman to present the Top Ten Reasons to Watch the New Season of Battlestar Galactica. I think #6 and #5 are the best…

So who has a huge TV and wants to host a Galactica party for the premier?

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Lucky 18…?

Today was only a half day at jury duty. Two minutes before dismissal for the day (they are still picking jury members) I was called on to sit in juror seat 18. I believe this puts me in the pool of potential alternates, but I’m not sure. The lawyers will get to ask me questions next Tuesday to see if I’m suitable. While there could be worse cases to be on, I’m just bummed that I got picked at the very last moment before leaving. Plus that courtroom is draining. I’m not sure if it’s the light or not.

Anyways, at least my lawyer neighbors will be excited I’m doing my civic duty!

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Gran Torino

I don’t care what this movie is about… When it comes out I’m going to see it. Clint Eastwood is going to direct and star in a movie called Gran Torino.

We had a 1976 Ford Gran Torino when I was a kid. Four doors, silver, and built like a tank. When I could finally drive in high school that was the car my parents let me use. My friends dubbed it The Beast and the name stuck. We had all kinds of adventures in The Beast, from Jolt dropping to road trips to simply driving to and from school, which was never a direct route… There were always detours and visits along the way. I had The Beast in college, too, and put thousands upon thousands of miles on him. I wonder if my parents had any idea at the time just how far I’d gone.

The Beast was indestructible. We had it in Korea when we lived there the first time. A bus tried to cut into our lane and hit us instead. The bus was a wreck but The Beast had a little ding and paint scratches. The Beast would fix himself, too. Once he had a hole in his radiator and I’d have to fill it up after every trip. Then one day me and some friends were on a road trip to some obscure Ohio town and I was told to make a left turn LONG after it was safe to make a left turn. I slid in the gravel in the median and right into the pole holding up the “No U Turn” sign and flattened it. Afterwards the radiator never leaked again.

I loved The Beast but after college I was off to Prague. I left him in my parent’s care and, while I was on another continent and couldn’t do much about it, they donated The Beast to an auto repair school. Probably a fitting end though I think an escape like any of the chase scenes from Blues Brothers. My sister always complained that I destroyed him and he wouldn’t run (I think she wanted it once she was old enough) but I know he was running perfectly well -or at least well enough- when I left.

I miss that car. Every once in a while I see a Gran Torino on the road and get wistful and nostalgic. I’ve always liked the movie The Highlander and there is one scene, after the fight in the garage at Madison Square Garden and MacLeod is getting the guy’s power, where you can see the front of a Gran Torino in the background. Yes, the car affected me so much that I notice them in movies, even.

No word on what the movie is about, but it had best feature some shots of one of The Beast’s cousins or I’m gonna be pissed!

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Being on Jury Duty Selection

This week I managed to pull jury duty for the Superior Court of California. Sounds intimidating, but the case my group was assigned to isn’t so bad. We’re going through the process of jury selection. So far I am not in the “lucky 18” but I get to go back in tomorrow for the jury finalization. Last time I pulled jury duty I was bored out of my mind. This time not so much. Listening to the questions asked of each juror and seeing which ones are being dismissed is interesting. I’m trying to figure out why they are dismissing certain jurors because so far there doesn’t seem to be a pattern.

I did meet one of the other jurors (who did get selected for the lucky 18) named Ellen. Very cute. Alas, married. Anyways, I noticed her voice was kind of hoarse so I asked if she was getting sick. No. It turns out she was in a car accident a long time ago and it destroyed her vocal chords and for years she couldn’t talk. Then she had surgery and they put in plastic vocal chords. Cool! I bet she was super excited to be able to talk again.

So jury selection isn’t completely over and I get to go in tomorrow. Afterwards I hope to give a few thoughts and observations because somethings are just… weird.

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“Stranger” Visiting

Erin McCain Visits San Francisco
Doug and Erin at Vesuvio’s
This past weekend Erin McCain, a friend from college, came to visit me here in San Francisco. I hadn’t seen her in almost sixteen years now and had really just had sporadic contact after years of silence in the past couple years. When she said she wanted to get out of Ohio for a bit I told her she should come out here, so she did!

Having moved around so much in my life, my memory is a bit sporadic and definitely contextual. Seeing Erin brought back a lot of memories but also showed me how many gaps there were from back then. For instance I have no real recollection of her boyfriend in college. You’d think that would have been important! Sorry, Erin, I guess he never made much of an impression on me…

Anyways, I played tour guide around the City. We stopped in Berkeley so she could sample Betty’s Oceanview Diner’s espresso filled chocolate “twinkies”. We rode my motorcycle to the Japanese Tea Gardens, out to Ocean Beach, walked around the Haight and Fisherman’s Wharf. Got completely sauced at Ireland’s 32 with Mookee (and learned that one of the previous owners that we liked killed himself, which came as a shock). Walked from where I work near Pier 39 all the way to the Metreon by way of North Beach, China Town and Union Square and took the Hyde Street cable car back to Ghirardelli Square. It’s amazing how much of this City you can see in just a couple days, and yet barely scratch the surface!

It was great to see her and I realize that I really like having guests in town!

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Motorcycle Parking in San Francisco

The other day I had a dentist appointment downtown. Usually I take the bus from work because parking is such a pain, but since I rode my motorcycle in I thought I’d look online and see if there was a site that showed me where all the motorcycle parking in San Francisco was located. I got lucky with my first hit. I rode downtown and found parking right away. I even got lucky in that the meter was paid up for the entire day! Quite a resource. There’s also a link to the DPT where there’s a PDF to download. I’m going to load it up on my iPhone and carry it around.

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