iMovie 08 Sucks

I used to use iMovie 06 from Apple to edit movies. Quick, easy to use, loads of awesome effects and transitions… I didn’t use the application often but I always had a good time with it.

Today I am trying to gather together various movie clips at work to make into a master DVD. My computer at work has iMovie 08 and I’ve been looking forward to using it to see where things are better. I expected it to maybe not be easier to use (iMovie 06 is already so simple!) but somehow… Better.


iMovie 08 SUCKS. I cannot figure it out. Where is the timeline? Why can’t I simply change the order of the clips? Where is the ability to export to iDVD? I cannot understand what Apple was thinking. I guess enough people complained so that they have release iMovie 06 as a free download if you already own iMovie 08. This doesn’t fix the problem, but at least it will let me get around it.

I recently bought Final Cut Express as I anticipate doing more video editing. I am extremely nervous they might have fracked that up by emulating their “success” with iMovie 08.

If you’re new to iMovie and have the 08 version on your machine, give yourself a treat and go download the 06 version. You’ll be ecstatic you did.

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One Response to “iMovie 08 Sucks”

  1. Zapski says  (March 3rd, 2008 at 11:50:40 )

    I wholeheartedly agree. I hate hate HATE iMovie 08, and have sent Apple much hate-mail for it.

    Worst piece of crap ever. People who like it should be brained. With rocks. Over and over.