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No More Poloroid Pikchas!

Sad -yet not unexpected- news: Poloroid will be closing its instant film processing plants soon and Poloroid pictures will soon be used to gauge how old we really are. Before the age of digital photography and its instant gratification, Poloroids were the coolest thing going. I remember my Mom taking pictures at birthday parties. We’d pose for the camera and Mom would take the picture, then we’d run over and watch as our grinning faces slowly appeared on the distinctive picture.

I never had a Poloroid camera myself, but we had one growing up (my Mom still has and uses it) and I’ve been to parties where a Poloroid was passed around liberally. They were/are a lot of fun to play with and there’s something very satisfying (almost magical) as you watch the chemicals mix and form the picture right in front of your eyes.

If you have a Poloroid camera and want to use it going forward, it’s time to start hoarding all the film you can afford! For the rest of us we can enjoy the nostalgia of their TV ads and the pictures we have from our childhood.

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