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Facebook is Odd

After getting several requests to join this social networking world, specifically on Facebook, I finally made the plunge. I haven’t found any long lost friends yet (it’s not even obvious how to find them yet) and I don’t get a lot of the features. I suppose much of that comes with time and use.

I don’t understand the whole “poking” thing. They do realize this is a metaphor for sex, right?

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If you’re in one the States voting today, go out and vote! In California if you are an independent you can request a Democratic ballot when you sign in and vote in their primary. I did.

Stupidest local measure this year: a San Francisco proposition to acquire Alcatraz and turn it into a peace center. I’m all for peace (anyone is if you ask them correctly) but destroying a national monument of historical importance…? Vote “no” on this idiocy.

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