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It’s Leap Year Day!

It’s the 29th of February, a day which comes but once every four years. Enjoy it while you can! After all, it’s a Friday and most of you probably don’t have to work tomorrow. Me, I don’t have to work today and will be hitting the slopes in Tahoe in a few hours and having a good time tonight with a bunch of friends.

See you after the weekend!

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iMovie 08 Sucks

I used to use iMovie 06 from Apple to edit movies. Quick, easy to use, loads of awesome effects and transitions… I didn’t use the application often but I always had a good time with it.

Today I am trying to gather together various movie clips at work to make into a master DVD. My computer at work has iMovie 08 and I’ve been looking forward to using it to see where things are better. I expected it to maybe not be easier to use (iMovie 06 is already so simple!) but somehow… Better.


iMovie 08 SUCKS. I cannot figure it out. Where is the timeline? Why can’t I simply change the order of the clips? Where is the ability to export to iDVD? I cannot understand what Apple was thinking. I guess enough people complained so that they have release iMovie 06 as a free download if you already own iMovie 08. This doesn’t fix the problem, but at least it will let me get around it.

I recently bought Final Cut Express as I anticipate doing more video editing. I am extremely nervous they might have fracked that up by emulating their “success” with iMovie 08.

If you’re new to iMovie and have the 08 version on your machine, give yourself a treat and go download the 06 version. You’ll be ecstatic you did.

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Over One Million Served

Oh hai! It looks like at some point over the weekend this site topped out over a million visitors since I started bothering with these sorts of stats in July of 2006. One million in a year and a half. I guess that’s not too terribly bad. Of those visits almost 120,000 were uniques, which I’m far more interested in. 120K individuals have come to my site. Sure, a lot of that number is probably search engines and spambots, but a good portion are awesome readers like you.

Many of the visits are a result of searches (overwhelmingly from Google). Some of the more interesting searches took you to learning about the best deodorant, they lyrics for the OREO cookie song, my fun encounter with the TSA a couple years ago, and my choices for top five speculative fiction actresses from a year ago. Mind you, these aren’t the only things that bring people in, they are just some of the top search entries. I have to shout out a big thank you to Costa for the deodorant one… Who knew it would get such attention?

Anyways, thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon!

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Want to Learn a Language?

I finally have a reason to get a library card. The San Francisco Public Library system is offering access to the excellent Rosetta Stone Language Courses online, for free. Since I don’t have a library card (yet) I don’t know which languages they are offering, but someone has told me that the two I am most interested in, French and Japanese, are there.

If you’ve wanted to learn another language this is your opportunity! And thanks to my work place for pointing out this great resource!

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Slow Week Fast Week

It’s obviously been a slow week for posting here. I do apologize for that. Mostly I’ve been trying to prevent my brain from exploding from the insanity that was work. We’re doing a company reorganization and it’s needed to happen and what is happening is, overall, a good thing. Yet while the macrovision of what the reorg will look like is done, the specific detail are not. I have several projects to deliver, most of them soon and most of them contingent on each other, and I’ve learned that the people I would have worked with previously are no longer the people I will work with going forward. It’s just that no one seems to know who I will be working with going forward so I’m kind of screwed in the meantime. May, when one of the HUGE and detailed projects is due, is much sooner than these people think. So I’ve been struggling to find out who to work with and I finally managed to arrange some time to talk to the people who matter.

And this was only about a quarter of the work stress last week.

Anyways, it’s not the best excuse, but it’s what I have and I’m sticking with it. Next weekend is our big ski weekend in Tahoe and I have a few days off. I can’t wait; I need to decompress big time.

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Fun at Mookee’s Expense

This is in answer to Mookee’s post about skiing this past weekend. We went up for a day trip with my friend and neighbor, Shawn, to Sugar Bowl. Shawn is new to snowboarding so I spent the first part of the day with him, teaching him the basics. Then in the afternoon Mookee and I hit some of the more difficult slopes. Since he called me out in his post to give my perspective on his two stories, here they are. Make sure to read his (link above) first, and then come back here.

Read the rest of this entry…

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Lame Architecture

Why is it that architects these days have “plans” to turn our cities into weird fantasy theme parks? Can’t they design buildings that conform to humanity instead of creatures from another planet? I mean, it’s bad enough that the design for the upcoming Transbay Terminal sucks. Now some firm called Iwamoto Scott (who I won’t link to because their site resizes your window and fucks things up just like their city plans) is fantasizing about making San Francisco look like… What is that? An alien civilization? A garden?

Alien Future of San Francisco

Dezeen has a few more pictures. Frighteningly this design won the History Channel’s San Francisco City of the Future award.

Seriously, if they are planning and hoping to make this into reality I will fight it. I know we have to make drastic changes in how we plan cities in terms of energy self-sufficiency, water usage, population increases, public transportation, recycling, etc, but that’s no reason to turn the look of a city into something so crappy.

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Coitus Virtualis Interruptus

As more and more people go online to find love and happiness… As more people cover the occasional long distance from their loved one with webcams, chats and emails… So rises the possibility of…

Coitus Virtualis Interruptus
The unintended disruption of the internet age

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Romantic Expectations

Happy Valentine’s Day and all that rot. Don’t blow all your romantic expectations in one place.

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Consumer Darwinism

Working in IT I get to see a lot of strange things on and around peoples desks when I go to help them. What follows isn’t the strangest or funniest thing (by a long shot!) but it did make me roll my eyes just a little bit. See if you can guess why.

Vitamins Help Evolution…?

What you’re seeing is a bottle of Trader Joe’s vitamins. It’s cranberry concentrate, which I’ve been assured contains tons of vitamin C. What gets me is the brand tag line, “For the Survival of the Fittest.” This is the most ironic thing I’ve seen in quite a while. If you were –evolutionarily speaking, of course- “the fittest” person and most worthy of passing your genes on to improve the species then you wouldn’t need vitamins. You would need vitamins if you were not genetically superior, though. The fittest don’t need help (unless they want it). The less fittest need help (unless they want to die out).

This is yet another fine example of marketers doing what they do best… Creating an image that distorts reality. For truth in advertising the tag line should read, “For the Survival of the Not-Quite-Fittest.”

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