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Guess What’s Delayed

In all my life I’ve had pretty good luck flying about the country and the world. Few delays, only lost luggage once, most flights were comfortable in the seat I chose for myself. Today that luck has changed. I was supposed to leave at 11AM this morning. It’s now 3PM and I’m still sitting in the waiting area.

It started after JG dropped me off at the airport. I checked in and was told that I would be given a seat assignment at the gate. Once they boarded everyone else I was beginning to wonder but rhen they called out my name and gave me a brilliant seat. After boarding, though, they had everyone deplane because of a mechanical error. At least we weren’t sitting on the tarmac.

So here I sit with a group of surprisingly cheerful travelers as we wait for what we hope will be the final announcement. In the meantime… I… Am… Tired…

UPDATE The flight was finally cancelled (first time ever!) and I’m now booked to fly out tomorrow, too bright and too early. The good thing is they gave me a free upgrade to first class. Free booze! It also means I can take JG, who’s on his way now to pick me up, out to dinner tonight to show my appreciation and solidarity for Murphey’s Law and the holidays.

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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone, and happy holidays to anyone who prefers that greetings! :)

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New Year’s Eve Party?

Currently I have no plans for New Year’s Eve. Man, I wish I could go to this party though…

Seems to be the season for events, and if you’ve yet to commit yourself to other arrangements, and you quite like the sound of seeing the New Year in surrounded by costumed, masked, revellers in the Steampunk style, then perhaps the Seductive Alchemy event in London is for you?

London… Too far away for such short notice! Does anyone know of anything interesting going on in San Francisco?

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Engaged (No, Not Me)

I just got back from an engagement party for my friends Amy and Bill. I’ve known these guys for years and it’s awesome they are finally getting hitched. Bill’s parents graciously hosted the party and his sister’s arranged a perfect social event. Normally I’m pretty uncomfortable around a bunch of strangers but not tonight. I saw Amy’s Mom for the first time in probably seven years… I didn’t even recognize her! Talk about embarrassing. I felt like stepping back in time seeing a few other mutual friends and had a two moments of synchronicity when I found out one of Bill’s sister’s works at Sunset (my ex-job) and one of Amy’s bridesmaids is cousins with someone I work with now at VIZ.

As they would say in Ohio, “Good times!” Oh, and Bill, tell your Mom I have the second helmet anytime she wants a ride on my motorcycle!

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See You Next Year?

I know the holiday season is here and loads of people are leaving on vacation. For many that means we won’t see each other till 2008, less than two weeks away. But the way everyone wants to get together and have dinner or have drinks or goto a party you’d think we were never going to see each other again. Ever. It’s not even two weeks!


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You Know You Have a Friend

Hawaiian Host Chocolate Covered Macadamia NutsYou know you have a friend who went to Hawaii when you did not when you get Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts as a gift.

My friend went to Hawaii and all I got were these lousy nuts.

Guess what I gave away…

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Pineapple Condoms

Found in one of the ubiquitous ABC stores in Waikiki…

Pineapple Condoms from Hawaii

Suck ‘Em Up!

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Back from Hawaii

I can’t believe I just spent a long weekend without a “real” internet connection. Just the lovely data plan on my cell. Woe is me!

A couple quick observations.

Marathon runners are pretty amazing people.

Waikiki has more Japanese people than Japan. Sure, they’re tourists (and/or running the marathon) but damn! Incidentally, Waikiki is one huge open air shopping mall. I’m surprised I didn’t notice this the first time I was there.

Waikiki is a great place to give up smoking. It’s banned almost everywhere and they patrol for it. So go on vacation and stop smoking for New Year.

Surfing is warm water is weird but I like it. Not wearing a full wet suit was great but the suit gives padding I’d forgotten about; I have lovely bruises on my ribs now.

We went on a boating excursion to snorkel with turtles, fish and hang out with the dolphins. All I could think was, “I hope no one on this trip decides they love dolphins…”

I do not miss heat and humidity. The stickiness, the sheen of sweat (which looks great a woman in a bikini but not on me), and the weird adjustment between 70 degree AC cooled indoor spaces and 90 degree outside weather… That being said it’s going to take a few days to get used to San Francisco weather again.

I’ve not been barefooted so much since… Maybe since I was a kid!

It’s weird to be in Hawaii and to have a hard time finding a restaurant that serves Hawaiian food.

Finally, it seems that I’m going to make it a tradition to cut myself on the coral in Hawaii every time I visit. The first time I sliced open the bottom of my foot and a nice old Japanese woman was kind enough to give me a cute little bandage to tape it shut until I could take care of it properly. This time we went to the beach on the first day and I go out in the water for the first time, dive in, and misjudge the depth. My belly is now an angry series of scabbed lines. It looks like I was attacked by some wild animal.

Anyways, it was a great -if exhausting- trip!

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The Golden Compass Movie

This will be quick as I’m typing this from my iPhone and sitting in Waikiki and should be having more fun on the beach and surfing rather than geeking out. Anyways, the movie The Golden Compass can be summed up thus: a jaw dropping experience. This phrase will have more meaning after you see the film. I really liked the adaption of Phillip Pullman’s book and though they dropped almost completely the theistic/gnostic aspects of the book, my single biggest complaint was the non-stop pacing. No breaks in the plot to take a breather and mentally digest what we experience on the screen!

That being said, I would love to see this movie again after reading the books to refresh my memory. My friends, who read the books more recently than I did kept reminding me of bits they left out which would have been great to include. Fantasy movies have traditionally not done well with most audiences but I think Peter Jackson helped create a formula that works pretty well and that The Golden Compass and the Narnia franchises would do well to emulate in their own ways. I hope that with the next movies in the series make the movies just a bit longer so we, the audience, can take in their vision.

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Overheard Street Begging

Walking through Upper Haight you are bound to hear any and every kind of hustle for money from kids who should really go back home to Mommy and Daddy and just deal with their lives. This last Sunday I heard a good one, though.

“Spare some change? I’m trying to wake up!”

It was 6PM.

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