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Resident Evil: Extinction

I meant to post this earlier since I saw it with friends over the weekend, but sad news at work put me off it. Now I’m ready.

Resident Evil: Extinction rocked. Yes, there were some dreadfully confusing bits but I didn’t really care. The action was solid, the creatures (like the ravens) were creepy, and it has Milla Jovovich in it. Really, the only thing I though lame was the ending… This wasn’t because of how it ended, but simply because it happened too fast. See it, you’ll know what I mean.

Redge and Hiromi had an interesting theory about the Resident Evil series they told us before the movie started. Thier theory is that at the end of every movie Milla will be shown naked. It turns out their theory was accurate! Also true to form, the ending is open enough that it could lead into another movie. Maybe after Milla has her first child.

Finally, a little note to the three Chinese guys who say next to me in the theater. SHUT THE FSCK UP. It’s a movie, not a place to hold long, loud conversations. Is it even possible to whisper in Chinese? I have to assume so but these twats couldn’t, even with half the theater telling the to shut up. People like that… there should be a way of getting them kicked out. Something combining an electric chair and an airplane ejection seat. Without a parachute.

But the movie was great! Go see it!

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