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Beat Boing Boing to the Punchline

bOING bOING is one of the most-read blogs on the net and has been for a long time. I remember when I first discovered the site I was always impressed by the range of material and how fresh it seemed. Later, when I started my own blog and I started noticing that a lot of the stuff they post is old hat for me. In fact sometimes they are posting items that I’d seen (and often posted) and forgotten about. The “fresh” at that point is more a “refresh” and sometimes I’ll visit the link just for fun. Take, for example, this post, which I’d posted a full week before here; and the link itself was posted over a month before either of us!

Has anyone else ever noticed this? I’m sure it can’t be only bOING bOING that has this weird post-freshness issue. I know with I don’t even pretend to be posting items that are fresh; I don’t have time to dig the work for what’s hot and what’s not. But it’s always weird to me to see old stuff on a site I’d always admired for its newness.

In the marketing world you can always see who isn’t in a position of power and influence by the fact that Company Alpha never refers to Company Beta in their ad campaigns, but Company Beta is always comparing themselves to Company Alpha. I’m not trying to compare myself to bOING bOING (that would be tedious!) but I do sometimes think it would be amusing to award badges to some sites the “I Beat Boing Boing to the Punchline” badge of honor.

Now excuse me while I go back to reading their posts about the TSA, copyright, weird alt-porn, and lately gadgets.

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