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Would You Buy This Book?

All you Harry Potter fans, imagine this scenario. You’ve been following and loving the series since it came out. Then the final book comes and and for one reason or another you don’t get the seventh and final book right away. Maybe you had no money, or you were out of the country, or you were in the hospital or whatever. A few weeks go by and you decide to go get it.

But it’s not available. Anywhere.

You discover it had a very limited printing. You don’t know why. Now you can’t find the last book anywhere and it pisses you off. Then depresses you. Then pisses you off all over again. You decide you’re not even going to read the damn thing since they couldn’t be bothered to print enough for you to get a copy.

Years pass and you wonder what happened to Harry. Did he die? Or did he finally defeat Voldemort? In a moment of weakness you reread the previous books and you remember how much you love them. You go questing for the seventh book so you can finish it.

New books stores: not in stock
Used book stores: not in stock
Online: prices ranging just shy of $200

Piqued, you go another few years not knowing how the series ended. When you visit book stores you casually glance to see if they have a copy. They have the others, but not that all important last book.

Finally you can take it no longer. You go online and discover some remote bookstore that has a copy for just under $100. Would you buy the book? It’s been ten years since the book came out. Ten long years where you’ve only heard second hand online how it all ends.

I ask again, would you buy the book?

My nemesis book for the last ten years has been The Marriage of the Living Dark by David Wingrove. It’s the eighth and final book in his Chung Kuo novels. I have the first seven and have read them a few times. I think that Mr. Wingroves books are some of the best speculative fiction books -in terms of characters, story, writing, concept, and scope- I have ever read. I love these books! And for ten years I’ve had no idea how it’s ended. I’ve looked and only found it for close to $200 for years. A couple weeks ago I found it online for eighty-odd dollars.

To answer my own question, I bought the book. And in a few weeks I’ll let you know if it was worth it; I have to read all the others again first so I have all the details in mind. I think I’ll be a bit sleep deprived until this is all over. Finally.

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