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Alarm Clock Reboot

I’m not a morning person, unless by morning person you mean the time I prefer to be going to bed. Unfortunately my jobs require me to be there in the morning. You know, the time I would prefer to be sleeping. I’ve tried all kinds of coping methods but none work. So to combat oversleeping I have two alarm clocks set to go off at different times. Both of them are really loud and programmed to go off at slightly different times. One is set to an annoying buzzer and the other to the radio. Despite the advice of others I have not placed the alarm clocks across the room. They would go off and I would find coping methods for ignoring them.

It’s hard enough to hear the alarms as it is. Somehow my brain simply doesn’t hear the alarms going off. My arm does, however. I can imagine it languidly reaching over and lightly tapping the snooze button. Eventually my brain does realize the alarm is going off and forces the rest of my body, aside from my already active arm, to move out of the bed and into the shower. This system works pretty well for me but kind of like drugs I get used to it and reaction times get slower and slower. Eventually I find I’m late for work. Late is not good.

My compensating method for this isn’t to set the alarms a little bit earlier. The crocodile part of my nervous system knows when I’ve changed the alarm clock. Ironically if I change the time forward 10 or 15 minutes I do fool my brain. It’s so stupid! Wait, that’s me… Anyways, I add a few minutes every couple weeks to compensate for my tolerance for the blaring.

Not long ago someone pointed out to me that my clocks were off. “I know,” I told them. Then they pointed out that they weren’t just a little off. They were over an hour fast. “I didn’t know that!”

So last night I rebooted my alarm clocks. they are now set to the correct time. Last night before going to bed I told myself over and over, Don’t forget the alarm clocks are rebooted. Don’t forget the bloody alarm clocks have the right bloody time now. It seems to have worked. I just have to keep telling myself that for the next week or so, otherwise I’ll be getting to work around lunch time everyday.

And at that point it won’t be a reboot but a boot I’ll be getting. So here’s to hoping the alarm clocks continue to work.

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