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What led to our human ancestors to start in on agriculture? Some say it was a natural evolution but more signs are pointing to farmageddon.

Nearly 13,000 years ago a comet exploded above or slammed into Lake Agassiz in North America. At the time this lake contained more freshwater than all the current lakes in the world combined. All of this freshwater -which was very very cold- rushed out into the Atlantic and effectively stopped the Gulf Stream and plunged much of the northern hemisphere into a mini-iceage. This period is called the Younger Dryas and it is considered by many to be the instigator in our ancestors cultivating the land.

Because the climate was getting cooler the people in parts of the world, who had already started minimal forms of agriculture, had little choice but to continue with the practice as game and native plants they might gather receded. The result is, arguably, our modern cultures with all it’s benefits (and problems). And we have a rogue comet to thank for it. Sadly I don’t think we would be so lucky a second time around…

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