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Dubious of Space?

I was going to put this in the comments of this article in response to some of NHK’s comments. Instead, as it got long, I decided to put it up here as a post.

We thump the daylights out of our planet because we have several hundered generations of little need to be efficient, to just dump our crap wherever and whenever we wanted. Despite the best efforts of many our recycling is something of a joke, water conservation is more than a crisis in many places, nutrition is an issue for most people on the planet and for where it isn’t consumerism is rampant.

To solve these problems we need a new paradigm and that shift isn’t going to happen here where, especially in affluent nations that actually have the power (intellectually and monetarily) can do something about it. The Earth is a finite resource and yet most treat it as an infinite resource, either with what can be taken or with simple human population.

So tell me, where is the one place -despite its seeming infinite size- where the only real resources we have are either what we bring or what we build from literally nothing?


In space we have to learn to recycle everything. Food, water, waste, air, everything. You will not find a better laboratory for this than in the closed environment of a space craft. If you are interested in finding alternate energy look no further than human habitation of space. There is no free cheap high-energy sources of energy like oil up there. We have to find other modes of powering everything.

Just these two examples have direct benefit for everyone living here, including the Earth itself. What we can learn in terms of efficiency and living within finite resources alone is worth it. That we will be building out new technologies that will have similar potential benefits is a bonus. You won’t find many other venues where this is true.

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