New Song: Goodbye

Scott (member of the Not Bill band) wrote a new song and we recorded it just recently. The lyrics (after the jump) are cheesy when read alone, so give it a listen and read along! The recording was done in Apple’s Garageband. Quite a good bit of software for being free.


Her smile is like the morning sunshine
And her eyes the deep blue sea
Her hair flows like the night time sky

She says she worries about tomorrow
And this truth said with a glance
But he calms her with with a whisper
For him she’ll dance
    And twirl like a ballerina girl
    And she hopes for tomorrow
    And he hopes she will follow

Her lips they speak no hesitations
And her words are never free
Her spirit often soars along

She says she needs her freedom
From her life and from her past
Please don’t worry about tomorrow
She’s coming back
    It’s known hasn’t this been always so
    But she’ll be missed when she’s gone

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2 Responses to “New Song: Goodbye”

  1. Uncle Roger says  (August 8th, 2007 at 09:19:42 )

    I’ve been using Audacity lately — also very good and it’s free. It’s also cross-platform, btw. Makes me want to pull out my recording gear.

  2. douglas says  (August 8th, 2007 at 10:02:34 )

    I have Audacity, too, but I use it mostly for audio manipulation. Garageband’s interface is really very nice, and it also allows for MIDI editing and composition. For the price it’s one of the best generalist music applications out there.

    I’m really curious to get my hands on the new version and see what improvements they’ve made to the program. It just came out the other day…