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Past Tense

Ever notice that almost every novel you will ever read was written in the past tense? Even novels that supposedly take place far in the future? Funny that.

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New Song: Goodbye

Scott (member of the Not Bill band) wrote a new song and we recorded it just recently. The lyrics (after the jump) are cheesy when read alone, so give it a listen and read along! The recording was done in Apple’s Garageband. Quite a good bit of software for being free.


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Sense of Scale

Science fiction and fantasy creators are notoriously bad at judging a sense of scale, whether it’s distance, time, or physical attributes. I can’t tell you how mildly irritating I found the general surprise and abhorrence in Star Trek when they would encounter “10,000 dead” on some random planet. I think of how many died in the American Civil War (or any civil war) or how many Jews were killed in WWII and I think, “Wow, those guys are so naive!” That’s why I got a chuckle with this article called Sci Fi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale and its many examples. The rest of the site is a treasure trove, too.

I’m not saying that small numbers aren’t important. 50 people killed in a suicide bombing is 49 people too many (the suicide bomber can go hang himself for all I care) and the distance to even Jupiter is so vast that most people can’t wrap their heads around it, let alone to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star in our neighborhood. It reminds me of a friend who wanted to put a one kilometer wide crater on a planet that was… one kilometer deep. I think I drove him crazy trying to explain why that just wasn’t possible.

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Tag-alog: 8 Random Things

Tag! I’m it! Or as Carlos would say on his blog, Population Statistic, Guten Tagged! The goal is to divulge eight random things about myself after listing “the rules” and then tagging eight people who may -or may not- play along and list eight random things about themselves. Here are the rules.

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

And here are eight random things about me.

1. I’ve been stabbed in the arm with a knife by a wild Korean boy screaming, “American!” after being chased by his gang out in Hannam-dong after visiting my friend John Schaffer. It was, as they say, “Merely a flesh wound!” Saying I was Canadian calmed them down. They even apologized. I lied, though. I’m American.

2. Speaking of Korea, my friend Robert, my brother Chris and I were almost killed by a notorious serial murderer! I even wrote a song about it, called Chopping Up Robert.

3. I used to have a cat named Lucifer. Otherwise, all my pet’s first names started with “K” (Killian and Kitwik).

4. I’ve lived in San Francisco just shy of 10 years continuously, which is almost three times longer than anywhere else I’ve ever lived.

5. I have over 700 books here at home, and have read approximately 85% of them. This is a small portion of what I’ve read in my life.

6. I hate theme parks. I think it’s the crowds, the lines, and the bad attitudes all the parents are repressing.

7. I love chocolate covered cherries. Their nickname is crack.

8. Just like Carlos, I’m a closet optimist.

Who to tag? I’d like to pick a few people who will play along, unlike last time. Jordon, Kevin, Cassandra, Heather, Different Boy, Molly McGee, Mookee and, just to see if she’ll bite, Milla.

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Dugh the Drink

One of my nicknames is Dugh Daren. “Dugh” comes from an old college story, and “Daren” is just my family name backwards.

My Dad, being the funny guy he is, was doing Google searches and ran across this for Dugh:

Westerners, always looking for the next big thing in beverages, could probably take a lesson from the Middle East. With summer temperatures from Tehran to Cairo reaching well into the triple digits, the art of the cooling drink is a source of pride — and self-preservation — in many Middle Eastern homes.

This refreshing yogurt drink is a summer staple in Iran. Try it garnished with a bit of fresh mint.

Probably not something I would enjoy, but an unexpected definition of a nickname I often use.

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Real Men Love the Fifth Element

True, real men do love the Fifth Element.

I have a friend, though, who refuses to watch the Fifth Element. I’m not sure why, because his standard for judging any movie as good is it A) has to have boobs and B) has to have explosions. This movie has both.

I love the Fifth Element. I need to watch that again soon. Maybe I’ll get this friend to watch it with me so he, too, can be a real man.

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Battlestar Galactica Webisodes

Just like the lead up to Battlestar Galactica Season Three, SciFi Channel will be releasing short webisodes of BSG in the lead up to Razor. They’ll show in October which, for most of us, is still too far away to really want to wait.

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Surf Chicks: Curl Girls

Every week I try to hit up the iTunes store for their free songs. The page I goto also lists their free videos, and glancing across them I saw a picture of several women and surf boards called Curl Girls. Curious, I did some quick research.

Six-episode reality series exploring the lives and loves of a group of lesbian and bisexual amateur surfers in L.A.

While I can skip the whole lesbian aspect, I think it’s awesome that women surfers have a show of their own! Women surfers aren’t often recognized, but they have been the growing demographic of surfing for years upon years, are in the X Games and blogging. I was inspired to try surfing and learned how from Annemone.

I doubt I’ll ever watch the show, but just knowing Curl Girls is out there makes me a happy man.

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Tom the Trucker

My name’s Tom. Tom the trucker. I’ll haul your cargo from one end of this god damned country to the other. Fast. I don’t sleep less I need to and I smoke my cigarettes to keep from going there. Safer than that smack them rest do. Only time I know I’m in trouble is when I’m pulling over for a fresh pack of cigarettes more often than I am to fill up the tanks.

(This came from a conversation with Mookee. I thought he might make an interesting background character once fleshed out a bit more… Tom the chain smoking trucker.)

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Coyotes in San Francisco!

Perusing the news tonight. Ho hum. Politics, money, disaster in the Middle East, long lost treasures found, and two coyotes shot in Golden Gate Park.


We have (had) coyotes living in Golden Gate Park? That’s half a block from where I live. And there are 5 – 8 more living in San Francisco? Truly, the world is an amazing place that so many wild, reasonably large carnivores live freely (until they attack somebody’s dogs) in the city of San Francisco. I’m simply stunned. It’s a shame they killed the animals instead of dosing them and moving them somewhere slightly less urban.

UPDATE 2007.07.17

I don’t know why this article is so interesting to me but it is. Here’s even more coverage. Some quick research reveals there are studies going on in Boston and they live in many cities including Toronto and Vancouver. The biggest surprise for me was that there are over 200 in Chicago! I guess the little trickster is here to stay. Good thing there are some tips to getting along.

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