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Root of All Evil: Marketers

It’s been a while since I ranted and railed against marketers and their ilk. Time to take up the hammer and pound a bit.

It can be argued that America is in decline. Record numbers of people are in debt from credit cards, bad housing loans, and lack of any kind of savings. We’ve gone from a save to spend society; a production to consumer society. We’re no longer the leaders of technology or education. Money and brains… They are disappearing.

Why is this? Who is to blame? I blame marketers. Their sole purpose is to part people from their money. Once they’ve parted people from their money they convince people to spend more and the primary way to do that is with credit cards and loans. Once we have no money and are scrambling to pay off our accumulated debt we grovel for anything that can put more money in our pockets. So we pass laws like Prop 13 and elect leaders who always promise to cut taxes. Once we cut the taxes our public schools suffer. When that happens, within a single generation Americans are less qualified for well-paying jobs and less able to compete in the world marketplace. When that happens our economy suffers. Go back to the part about debt and start the cycle over again.

Yeah, this is a rant and horrible generalization, but the veneration of marketers in corporate America is a serious problem. Down with Marketers! Gegen Marketingspezialisten!

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