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Galactica Tidbits

So season three of Battlestar Galactica ended leaving a few questions. One that I’ve been debating with friends is whether or not Starbuck reappearing means she’s a cylon. I’m inclined to say no. Nothing indicates she was resurrected. Nothing says she wasn’t somehow saved by the mysterious cylon ship seen just before her ship explodes. It looks like I might be right.

Despite Kara’s re-appearance she is NOT the fifth Cylon it seems. Moore says he thinks we will meet the last Cylon model next season.

It’s an interesting article and gives a few clues for season four like who the fifth cylon is, that the “final five” are fundamentally different (and therefore so is Tyrol and Cally’s baby), and that something happened on/concerning Pegasus that will affect season four.

In other Galactica news, I am incredibly insanely irreconcilably jealous of this guy who got to visit the BSG set during filming and conoodle with the cast and crew. Some of the pictures are amazing and his descriptions, such as that even the binders on the CIC have actual content and not just filler, are revealing.

Jealous! *sigh*

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Like a Lake

I’m bummed. Yesterday Jerome and I took our long overdue comp day and went out to go surfing. We haven’t been out in the water in about half year and I was pretty psyched to go.

But when we got up to Bolinas the Pacific was like a lake. In fact I’ve seen lakes with bigger waves. I don’t know about Jerome but I was rather disappointed.

On the advice of Nick at Two Mile Surf Shop we went and checked out Rodeo Beach at Fort Cronkite. It looks like surfing there will be pretty nice… once there’s a swell. We hiked down the beach to see if we could spy San Francisco around the bend but it got a bit rocky and slippery.

We did discover that the coast road up Highway One is finally open again and almost completely rebuilt and repaved in the spots that had been severely damaged in the storms last year. It was like driving a completely new road to the coast! It kind of threw me off, actually.

So over 100 miles of driving and nothing to really show for it. Not exactly the day I was expecting but honestly, it wasn’t so bad. I just wish there was something out there to surf…

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Root of All Evil: Marketers

It’s been a while since I ranted and railed against marketers and their ilk. Time to take up the hammer and pound a bit.

It can be argued that America is in decline. Record numbers of people are in debt from credit cards, bad housing loans, and lack of any kind of savings. We’ve gone from a save to spend society; a production to consumer society. We’re no longer the leaders of technology or education. Money and brains… They are disappearing.

Why is this? Who is to blame? I blame marketers. Their sole purpose is to part people from their money. Once they’ve parted people from their money they convince people to spend more and the primary way to do that is with credit cards and loans. Once we have no money and are scrambling to pay off our accumulated debt we grovel for anything that can put more money in our pockets. So we pass laws like Prop 13 and elect leaders who always promise to cut taxes. Once we cut the taxes our public schools suffer. When that happens, within a single generation Americans are less qualified for well-paying jobs and less able to compete in the world marketplace. When that happens our economy suffers. Go back to the part about debt and start the cycle over again.

Yeah, this is a rant and horrible generalization, but the veneration of marketers in corporate America is a serious problem. Down with Marketers! Gegen Marketingspezialisten!

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Quiet on the Homefront

Just a quick note that all is well and quiet on the homefront. I just haven’t had much to say lately. Aside from wigging out about the season finale of Battlestar Galactica and listening to the version or Linda Linda by We Are Paran Maum not much has been going on. I’ll leave it at that and write again when I’ve got something mildly more substantial to write about.

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Galactica Season Four News

Originally it was announced that SciFi Channel would only renew Battlestar Galactica for a 13 episode fourth season. Now it looks like they are going forth with a whole 22 episode season plus a movie that will air on SciFi Channel and will hopefully be better than all of those b-rated movies they seem to show (c’mon SciFi Channel! I can write better movies!).

Honestly, as much as I love this show I hope the fourth season is the last season. It will allow them to wrap things up, for the fans to anticipate a finality they never got with excellent shows like Firefly, Space: Above and Beyond or even the ill-fated Enterprise. It would allow the show to end on its own terms instead of being suddenly cut off. Plus it can go into syndication and I garuntee the DVD sales alone will make a fortune.

No one likes a good thing to end but its even worse to flog a dead horse and Galactica is far, far from dead. I’ve always said its better to leave a party while the party is still good. I can’t wait to see just how good this party is going to get.

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Linda Linda Linda

Last night I stayed up far too late. While being up late isn’t unusual I find that often there is no reason for it. Last night there was a reason, and that was the superb Japanese movie, Linda Linda Linda.

Linda Linda Linda tells the story of a few high school girls and the band they put together in just two days for a gig at their school festival. I really loved the characters, especially Kei and Son (who is Korean, which I thought unusual). They cover two songs by an old Japanese band The Blue Hearts and I can’t get the song which the movie is named after out of my head.

The story is kind of slow to build but so worth it. Check it out if it’s playing in your city (click here and then on the Screenings link). I also found the trailer in an less irritating encoding than the stupid Flash on the main site. Here it is!

(Disclosure: I work for VIZ Media, a close cousin to VIZ Pictures)

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Devices on the Network

Jason answered an interesting question, How many devices on your house network have an IP address? I didn’t think I had so many until I started making a list…

1: My laptop (Firefly).
2: My desktop (Absinthe).
3: Server One (HDP).
4: Server Two (Kestrel).
5: Printer (called Happy Dead Printer!).
6: My phone (when connected to WiFi).
7: Roommate’s laptop (Jezebel).
8: Roommate’s desktop (?).
9: Roommate’s scanning station (?).
10: Neighbor’s laptop (Mookee).
11: WiFi Hub One.
12: WiFi Hub Two.

I *think* that’s it. Without checking I’ll leave it at that. It’s a good thing I don’t have any game consoles!

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A Few Thoughts on 300

I saw the Spartan epic 300 over a week ago but have waited till now to write about it so at least a few of you might have a chance to see it. Here is the standard warning: this contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen 300 yet and plan to then you might want to stop now.

Read the rest of this entry…

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Boy I Hate It When…

I hate waking up in the morning, panicked, realizing I’m about to be late for work, grabbing the towel to leap in the shower while calling the person I carpool with to let them know I’ll be a tad behind only to suddenly realize… Hey! It’s Sunday!

Boy I hate it when that happens.

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Pet Name

If you ever happen to get a girlfriend who is short and “light” then you should call her Sample Size.

(thanks to Dave for this idea!)

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