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Death Penalty

Talking with The Defiant One tonight brought up an interesting idea concerning the death penalty. Personally I’m not for the death penalty, but then again I’m for overhauling our criminal system. Still, I absolutely understand why people are for it (except for politicians who use it for their own gain). I even find myself for it in some cases. It makes me something of a hypocrite but I can live with that.

Anyways, the discussion came to what should happen when an innocent (proven innocent, not assumed innocent) person is found guilty and is executed. Because sentencing someone to death is an absolute (there’s no reversing this once done) punishment, how can it be made as serious an option as possible? How can it be used less glibly (not that it is in most cases)? The Defiant One came up with this idea and I concur.

If we are to keep the death penalty, then if an executed person is ever found to have been actually innocent the prosecution -the ones that ask for the death penalty- should be tried for murder. By “prosecution” I mean the person who authorizes the lawyers to press for the death penalty. This could be the prosecution team, the General Attourney in charge of the case, etc.

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Thunder! Lightning! Hail!

It’s rare in San Francisco that we get lightning. It’s one of those things I miss about places with “real” weather. Well, we have it now, quite a large thunderstorm. And then a deluge of hail that would have woken the dead! I love it! I’ve always loved bad weather. I’m a happy man tonight. :)

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New Cadillac Commercial

Have you seen the new Cadillac commercial called “Morning Ritual” (scroll down)? It features the Pogues song, The Sunny Side of the Street. What demographic are they going after if they’re featuring the Pogues?

Drunk drivers?

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San Francisco is not Happy Land

My brother sent me an email today and refered to San Francisco (I assume he meant SF) as “happy land”. Though I’m sure he meant it as a joke the sentiment reflects a wider perception that is wholy inaccurate about the City.

SF isn’t exactly “happy land” yet somehow we’ve gotten this amazingly bad reputation around the country as some liberal hippie land. This isn’t helped when Gavin Newsom tried to skip the law and marry homosexuals and then got caught having an affair. It’s also kind of silly when San Francisco tries to ban guns in the City.

But this place is little different from many of the other places I’ve lived like Prague, Washington DC or Seoul. It’s a big city with a diverse population from many backgrounds. In a country where every politician ends a speech with, “God bless America” or face not being re-elected, there are probably more churches here than anywhere else I’ve lived. There are 272 churches according to this site. That’s almost six churches per square mile! Even our previous Bishop was chosen as one of the highest Vatican officials.

Everyone I know here hates the hippies even though their legacy lingers like a stink. It gets really old reading idiot conservative pundits going off on San Francisco values all the time. Declaiming people with “San Francisco values” is about as accurate as stating people with Southern values are uneducated, inbred, poor, waiting for the Rapture and hold on to quaint value systems like slavery.

I’ve ranted about this before and I’m sure I’ll rant about it in the future. San Francisco just isn’t what most people think it is. I’ll probably keeping writing about it until my fingers are nubs or they finally “get it”. I have the sad feeling that the nubs will come first.

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Things Not To Say

Here’s something not to say the first time you meet someone from Japan.

James: So you’re from Japan?

Yamagata: Hai, from Japan.

James: You know, I only know two places in Japan. Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This conversation actually happened today (though the names have been changed).

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Joanie’s Cafe & Grill

If you’re ever in Shingle Springs, CA make sure to drop in for some of the finest breakfast food I’ve ever had at Joanie’s Cafe & Grill.

Joanie’s has some of the best breakfast food I’ve ever had since I moved to the west coast. I had an omlet with aMAZing gravy on it. Even the hash browns, which most places under cook or make too oily, were fabulous.

So if you’re ever along route 50 in Shingle Springs stop in. Joanie’s Cafe & Grill is absolutely worth it. I’m still thinking of it a week later.

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Tahoe Pictures

I’ve finally posted pictures from the recent trip to Tahoe. You can see them here.

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Tired, Sore and Happy

I’m back from the long weekend with friends in Tahoe. Snowboarding for two days. Three nights of food and drink. Loads of photos (I’ll get those up this week). No internet access. Just the kind of break I needed.

I’ll write more tomorrow. Right now I’m just too beat. I’m going to go crash out now if my muscles will let me leave the couch…

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Two Numbers

3375 and 8620. They both make me very happy.

I’ll be heading up to Tahoe tomorrow for a weekend of snowboarding and recreation with a group from work. I don’t know if I’ll find internet access up there or not so I might be a bit out of touch. Of course there will be pictures like there were from last year and, possibly, a video.

Prepare yourselves!

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What a Day

There’s something mildly strange about spending an evening ostensibly about romance alone on the couch eating reheated lasagna and cookies while watching cheesy romantic comedies on cable sipping a nice petite syrah.

And you know, it’s not a bad thing.

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