Given Up

I’ve been stewing on some music for a really long time with only bits and fragments of lyrics coming to me. After some recent experiences and some unwitting help from Mookee I finally finished it. It’s called Given Up and I hope to spend some time recording it this weekend. Disclaimer: this is not about any recent relationship, just in case she’s reading. This isn’t even about me. Mostly.

The hardest thing
About being alive is living
It’s twice as hard as dying
And dying isn’t easy
   Deciding where to go
   What to do who to see
You’re overwhelmed by living
So you’re drowning in a cup
What do you say to
Someone who’s given up?

I’m tired of being nice
I don’t want to be mean
I just have to say
What I’m seeing
   hundred thousand years
   Is a long time to cry
You say you’re moving on now
And you’ll break out of this rut
But I’ve watched you for a year now
And it seems you’ve given up

Love cannot be
Tied up in a box
With a red ribbon on it
A container for your soul
   Romance is fine
   But maybe you lost control
I can’t believe you’ll always be
So emotionally stuck
So look me up and find me
When you’ve finally given up

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2 Responses to “Given Up”

  1. Mookee says  (July 23rd, 2006 at 20:50:53 )

    What is “downing?” …eight lines down. If it was “drowning,” it might make more sense, but I’m not much of a poet, as we can all witness from my last post.

  2. douglas says  (July 23rd, 2006 at 22:04:29 )

    Mr. Mookee learned how to spell? Shocking! Well, it’s fixed now. See if you can find the other typo and I’ll give you a cookie.