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Surfboard At Last

StickMan Surfboard
My New Ride
At long last, I have my own surfboard!

Due to recent events I found myself in need of a surfboard. I’d been saving some money anyways, and thought this would be a good thing to spend it on. So I hit Craig’s List and started searching. I saw a listing for a Stickman board and loved it right away. I was determined to make my first Craig’s List hookup.

But I didn’t call the guy right away because I wasn’t sure I had enough money. Today I figured out I did, though, and called. It had been a week since John (that’s the name of the guy selling the board) had made the first posting (maybe even a little longer) but he still had it. I took a look tonight and paid for it. I hope John doesn’t mind me using the picture he took.

I’m taking it out tomorrow. I can’t wait! I guess now that I have my own board, have lived in California for several years, and surf kinda regularly, I can maybe call myself a surfer? :)

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Wishing Luck and Health

Tomorrow my Mom goes in for surgery. About three months ago she had a mammogram and was given the all clear, but a few weeks ago she found a lump which turned out to be breast cancer.

The surgery is to go in and make sure it never had a chance to spread. It’s not really a serious surgery itself, but my Mom is allergic to most anti-biotics on the planet so if something goes wrong it could be really serious.

Best of luck, Mom!

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Let’s Redistrict!

Today the SCOTUS determined that it wasn’t illegal for Texas Republicans to redraw district lines to favor Republicans. So now I think we should redraw all the district lines in every state of the nation to favor the dominant party in that state. Screw the other party.

I’m sure this will cause some anxiety, but pulling from sources (this list showing which party “owns” a particular state legislator and this site which shows how many Representatives each state gets) it looks like the Democrats could clean up house. Assuming it would be possible to completely shut out the other party the Dems would get 219 seats and the Republicans would get 212. There are five seats “open” from DC, Montana, and Nebraska, but even if they all went to the Republicans the Dems would have more.

Interesting to me as a mental exercise is that if state legislatures mandated where their electoral votes went then the Republicans would get 262 votes and the Dems 265. In this case the 11 electoral votes from DC, Montana and Nebraska would be key. Fortunately for both parties this scenario would never happen without being ruled unConstitutional.

I know these are not going to happen. I think it would be far more interesting if just California, with 53 members in the House, were to be redistricted to favor the Democrats. This would more than offset what happened in Texas and, thanks to the Republican’s gerrymandering, would be completely legal. Currently the Dems have 24 Representatives while the Republicans have 20 (source). I’m sure with some canny redistricting that could be changed to a 30-14 difference or more.

Let’s redistrict! It’ll be fun!

PS: For the record I think the SCOTUS decision (without having read it yet) is bunk. Texas should have never been allowed to do what it did until the next Census as mandated by current law.

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An Inconvenient Truth

I saw the documentary An Inconvenient Truth tonight (watch the trailer). Based on presentations Al Gore has been giving around the world, the movie talks about the dangers of the impending global environmental disaster we and our decendents will face.

I was really impressed with the show. The picture is bleak and mildly depressing, yet Gore’s optimism that something can be done is strong and rubs off. I thought there would be some weird tree hugging dopiness but his mannerisms and deadpan delivery made the presentations, facts and findings that much more poignant.

Completely outside of the scope of the subject matter, I was impressed that Gore runs around the world doing his show using an Apple computer and Apple’s Keynote presentation software. Every time I saw an his laptop I had to smile. (Side note: at the link there’s a blurb about “Help Solve the Climate Crisis”; I don’t remember any of that being in the movie).

It’s an excellent film. If only American conservatives were as concerned about this world their children lived in we might get something done.

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Anniversary Party

40th Wedding Anniversary
Dan and Karen’s 40th
I just got back from San Luis Obispo where I helped celebrate forty years of Mr. and Mrs. Biezad’s marriage. I’m totally exhausted (though I’m doing a load of laundry now) but I had a good time.

I’ve known the Biezads longer than I’ve known anyone aside from my family. I call them my second Mom and Dad. It seems hard to believe they’ve been married so long. It’s harder to believe that I’ve known them for more than half that time…! They used to live up the street from us at Wright Patterson AFB. Hard to believe that was 1985.

Congratulations to them, and here’s to 40 more! 40 more? Yup, because they’re just that stubborn. :)

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The End


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Very Disappointed

America will not move on in the World Cup. It was a hard game which saw a completely bad call against USA in the goal box that led to a penalty kick score against America. This, in my opinion, deflated the USA team.

Worse, the other team I really wanted to see advance lost. USA and Czech Republik will have to practice again for next time.


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Red Cards and a Tie

USA just tied Italy in a World Cup soccer match. The stupid referee gave out three red cards in this game, two against the USA, at least one of which should have been a yellow card. The only consolation is that the referee has been suspended. The guy obviously was an idiot.

USA should have won the game. Fortunately our hopes are kept alive by Ghana’s unpredicted upset of the Czech Republik. Now we just have to hope for Czech Republik and Italy to tie on the 22nd and we have to beat Ghana by a significant number of points.

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Space: Our Final Frontier

I keep wondering when we’re going to get off this rock. Not just in orbit or hopping about on the moon, but really get away. Leave the nest. Because eventually we’ll have to.

Stephen Hawking thinks so, too.

“It is important for the human race to spread out into space for the survival of the species,” Hawking said. “Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of.”

Amen, brother.

And just so we’re clear on things, I think we need to get out there first. Why? We don’t have the ideal system in the world, but who’s values would you like to see carry on in the universe? Western civilization (in the form of the US or EU) or in the form of Chinese or Indian culture? Because whoever establishes themselves out there first will determine the future culture of the human race.

Laugh if you will, but I would rather have a culture in the universe that respects (generally; like I said, we’re not perfect) other cultures, races, creeds, and religions than one that doesn’t even pretend to respect anything but itself. First we have to kick out the idiots in power right now, though. They just won’t do.

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USA loses 0-3

USA lost in their first game of the World Cup 0-3 to Czech Republik. They played horribly. Hopefully they’ll find their legs for the next games. If they can pull out wins they might advance.

Meanwhile I’m hoping Czech Republik wins all of their games and moves on. At least I don’t have to worry about who to root for like I was last night.

Ah, World Cup fever!

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