More Than Yesterday

I’ve got a new song for you. It’s called More Than Yesterday and you can download it here (4.1MB). You might want to check out they lyrics, which you can find posted here.

I still have the urge to tweak it or record it over again, but this will do for now. As an added bonus I’ll throw in a “dance remix” (kind of Depeche Mode-esque) of the old classic Out On the Cherry Lane. This version was recorded about two years ago when Dave asked how hard it was to record something in Garageband. I think the whole song took about an hour to record. Get it here (1.9MB).

UPDATE: For whatever reason, the above downloads aren’t always fast. Here’s alternate download locations for you to try: More Than Yesterday and Out On the Cherry Lane. Not that these alternate sites are much faster, but I know they work.

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