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Tugboat Captain

Have you ever looked out at the ocean and wished you could be out there? I have, but never taken the feeling very seriously. Today we took gTodd out to the Hyde Street Pier and one of the ships we toured was the tugboat Hercules. It’s a beautiful ship with wood interiors and plenty of brass. I think I’m in love.

Since getting home I’ve been scouring the internet looking for where I might find something similar. ShipExpo and MaritimeSales have quite modern tugboats but not the classic boat I’m looking for.

This might just be a phase I’m going through, but the chance to be a captain of a ship would be quite a dream come true. Yes, I would have to learn the trade (and does anyone have a good notion of how I would do that?) but it would likely be worth it. It certainly wouldn’t be any worse than what I’m doing now. :)

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When someone is so obsessed with their iPod that you can’t stand being around them because they talk about it so much.

“I can’t stand your narcissistic iPoderbation. Shut up already!” or “He can’t hear you; he’s iPoderbating.”

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Spammers Say Something Funny

I hate comment spammers. They make running a blog of any sort more management than it should be. Can you imagine having to delete ads for drugs and casinos on a regular basis?

I’m running an excellent comment spam filter called Akismet. I like to check out what it catches just to make sure a genuine comment doesn’t get deleted. So far it’s made no mistakes in that direction.

Usually what it catches is trying to sell drugs or get you to goto casino sites with lame text. Boring. Today, though, I noticed they are ripping off text from normal blogs (thanks to Annemone for pointing this out!) and using that to “entice” you to goto their illicit sites. Here’s a few samples.

I had to ask myself if I could get used to a life like that. How much *exactly* did it bother me that He was not only serving Himself, but serving ME also?

The Female Talent squints at the director; because she is bent over, she must squint upside down and through her legs.

ladies go a stealing (from an alleged criminal organisation)

it was like he had me where he wanted me, so he could do anything he wanted to me, and yet he wasn’t that good at what he wanted to do.

Would you like to walk around the markets on Saturday? And, by the way, don’t email me again.

i’d like you to untie me now, thank you, i said, in as assertive a voice as i could manage.

This is the one Annemone found through Google.

Well, I’m fully back to Trent Park now and struggling to combine catching up with doing new things and unpacking. We have a desperate need of shelving which is currently being thwarted by the system.

You can find the original quote here. I tried finding some of the others, but they’ve comment spammed a few too many sites that have been indexed at this point.

I don’t encourage copyright theft and I still hate comment spammers, but somehow I find these rather amusing…

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What motivates you to work, both realistically and idealistically?

I’ve been asked this question and I’m curious what you have to say on the subject. I’ll post my answers in a bit in the comments after I’ve heard from you!

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Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs

Just past the Da Vinci Code protesters at the Metreon on Mission Street is the new Beard Papa shop. Beard Papa is selling one thing and one thing only: cream puffs. After standing in line for an hour and a half I can understand why people would wait. These things are damn fine cream puffs!

I first heard about the Japanese obsession with cream puffs on KQED while driving home one night earlier this week. Then this afternoon Ann and I ran into our friends Lars and Nicole with their baby, Max. Out of the blue Nicole started talking about this place that just opened. Ann and I couldn’t resist.

You approach and see a long extended line. At various points someone comes out and gives you an update on how many cream puffs have been made (“Six dozen will be ready in 15 minutes, and another six dozen will be ready 18 minutes after that!”). They were kind enough to hand out free coffee to those waiting. Everyone seemed in a good mood.

The menu declares that they will have other flavours of cream puffs eventually like green tea, pumpkin and stawberry. I asked when and the cook said not for some time as they can barely keep up with just the vanilla. He also said that they are planning to open two more stores, one in the new Bloomingdale’s just down the road on Mission and one in Redwood City.

If you’ve got some time to spare, queue up and check them out; you won’t regret the wait. Just make sure to get a few extra because if you don’t get enough you’ll regret it when you run out. I know I did.

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Using the Samsung A900

I keep playing around with new Samsung A900. I finally figured out how to get it to mount on my desktop. For some reason I couldn’t find this in the manual.

It comes with a handy USB cable, but just hooking it up to my iBook didn’t do anything. Looking around in the settings I found my answer. Tools -> Mass Storage -> Connect to PC. This allows you to hook the A900 up to the computer.

There are four folders. BLUETOOTH, DCIM, filestore, and MEDIA. DCIM holds the pictures so I don’t have to pay extra to get my photos. Now I just have to figure out which folder I can put short MP3s in to use as distinctive ringers for friends; filestore or MEDIA?

The pictures this thing takes aren’t too bad. It’s a 1.3 megapixel which is more than enough for casual use. It even will take video. Really low resolution video (3g2 format; iMovie compatible!), but video none the less. I can see having a lot of fun with this.

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Eating Whoppers

It’s funny how there are particular foods that people eat differently. Take Oreo cookies. Some people shove the whole cookie in their mouths all at once. Others split them in half and eat the middle; some don’t even finish the chocolate cookie.

I’m eating Whoppers right now. I eat them one of two ways.

The first way is to bite the Whopper in half with my front teeth and then pulverize the halves with the back teeth until the Whopper is a mash of malty goodness.

The second way is to roll the Whopper against the inside of my front teeth until the top layer of chocolate rubs and melts off leaving the malt ball exposed and alone. Then I let it melt on my tongue. More malty goodness.

Whoppers rock.

What’s the right way to eat a Whopper? Is there a right way to do a thing? Apparently there are at least two right ways. Just like in life; don’t think there’s one way to do a thing.

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One Year at VIZ

It was one year ago today I started working at VIZ Media. Sometimes it hardly seems like months and at others it feels like I’m an old hand (even though there are many there that have been with VIZ for many years).

Life has definitely improved. While no job is ideal I definitely feel like I fit in better now that I have in many years. I’ve made many friends, my commute is 15 minutes, I’m learning new things, and while I can always dream of making more money to help with other aspects of my life I’m still doing better than at any other point.

One year. Here’s to many, many more!

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More Than Yesterday

I’ve got a new song for you. It’s called More Than Yesterday and you can download it here (4.1MB). You might want to check out they lyrics, which you can find posted here.

I still have the urge to tweak it or record it over again, but this will do for now. As an added bonus I’ll throw in a “dance remix” (kind of Depeche Mode-esque) of the old classic Out On the Cherry Lane. This version was recorded about two years ago when Dave asked how hard it was to record something in Garageband. I think the whole song took about an hour to record. Get it here (1.9MB).

UPDATE: For whatever reason, the above downloads aren’t always fast. Here’s alternate download locations for you to try: More Than Yesterday and Out On the Cherry Lane. Not that these alternate sites are much faster, but I know they work.

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A New Phone; Samsung A900

I bothered to go out and get a new cell phone today. Not that old one was bad, but it was a mini-brick and I wanted something that would fit in my pocket better; I don’t want everyone thinking I’m happy to see them all the time.

So I picked up the Samsung A900 (sometimes called “The Blade”). It’s thin, it’s black, and while it has all kinds of extra services like streaming video on demand that I’ll never use, it does have one key feature that I will use. Bluetooth. That and a handy USB cable so I can up/download my own junk to the phone.

I’m still figuring things out, but so far so good. More as I learn about it. Meanwhile check out this useful web uploader called Focus. I have a feeling I’ll be using it, too.

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