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Long Day at Work

You’d think that eventually a company would stabilize. Not so with where I work. We are growing and the growing pains are rough at times. Today we moved around 68 people to make seating locations conform to the new org charts. Tomorrow morning we get to make sure all the computers are plugged in and running correctly, and that the phones have the correct person’s name on them.

Nothing like working on the weekend to prevent you from catching up on whatever sleep you’ve been missing out on for the last several weeks… Ah well. At least I’ll get a comp day, right? Boss? Right? I know you’re reading this. I am getting a comp day, right?

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Stupid Bloody Wireless

I don’t know what’s going on with my wireless tonight, but it is pissing the f–k out of me.

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A New Song

Normally Tuesday nights are reserved for rehearsals but tonight for whatever reason we didn’t get together. So instead I sat down and worked on a song that’s been banging around in my head for some time now. The music is done, the melody is done, and now all I need are lyrics.

I dug up some old letters from 15 years ago from Mookee and pulled some choice (though not by any means representative) words from there and started cobbling together lyrics. They’re coming together and I’m almost done.

It’s been ages since I worked on a song from start to finish. Everyone told me that when I moved to San Francisco I’d be so inspired to write music but exactly the opposite happened; I more or less stopped. I’m really happy that trend is turning around; hopefully I can keep it up.

I haven’t forgotten that I’d promised to post very old, very embarrassing songs from my youth. They are still on their way…

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The Battleship Iowa

Sometimes San Francisco is just a stupid place. At times it’s just too bloody “liberal”. We have the chance -a good chance at that- to acquire the USS Iowa but the Board of Supervisors is against it.

This is so stupid in so many ways. The USS Iowa is a part of history. FDR rode on her decks. She was Admiral Halsey’s flagship during the Japanese surrender ceremony. She served honorably and long. To me the historical significance alone would make it worth while.

It’s not like San Francisco doesn’t have a military history. We’ve built ships of war here, housed one of the most famous military installations (the Presidio), host Fleet Week and the Blue Angels annually, and I still see many military personnel in uniform walking the streets. Yes, right now the city is predominantly anti-War-in-Iraq, but that doesn’t make us anti-military. At least unless you’re on the Board of Supervisors.

Bring home the Iowa; I’ll be there to walk her hallowed halls where lived a courage I’ve gratefully never known. Never known because she was out there with her crew doing what our nation called on her and her compliment to do.

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Halflings in Fiction

Why is it halflings in fiction always have to choose one half or the other? I’m reading Inu Yasha at work and the title character is a half demon, half human. The question seems to come up often which side he’ll choose. Maybe this changes with time (I’m only on volume seven) but it does beg the question: why does he have to choose either?

I think it would be far more interesting to develop a character who is trying to integrate both halves into a unique whole, making himself something more. Maybe at the beginning of the story he doesn’t even realize this is a possibility, and he’s being pulled back and forth by the people around him that care about him to be one or the other.

The process on integrating two aspects of a self, especially two parts that are at extreme odds, makes for a more interesting and realistic story. If you have to choose one or the other you might as well flip a coin. What’s the point? But integrating these conflicting halves eliminates an either/or choice and we have to follow the process.

Are there any stories like this out there?

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Second VIZ Surf Trip

I took my second group of VIZ folks up to Bolinas for a surf lesson. I had to wake up earlier than I do for work! (I can hear Mookee saying, “Wah!”).

The weather called for rain and crappy weather in general, but we went anyways. The rain cleared and aside from the wind and cold water runoff the waves were not as bad as I expected. With the wind, though, it was warmer in the water than up on land.

Congrats to those few brave souls who came today, and much sympathy for the three who arrived too late to surf; next weekend!

One interesting change for me this time was I took the longboard I normally ride (thanks Ann!) to be fixed. It got a ding somewhere along the way and dropped it off to get fixed. Nick at the shop let me borrow one of the slightly shorter longboards. I was amazed at what a difference it made. If I ever finally get around to getting a board I think that’s what I’ll have to get; something around 9 foot or slightly shorter.

Now I’m beat and thinking about getting a shower!

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New Laptop

The new laptop arrived and I think I’ve got most everything installed that I would want to get stuff done. My excuses for intermittent posting have vanished…

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Living Hell

In the process of looking for some old letters I found this note in amongst the pile.


This was, fortunately, written in a woman’s hand.

Yes, life can be beautiful.

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Stupid Bloody Sodding Laptop

I know there’s an issue with my particular iBook and I know Apple will fix it. Even so I hate not having my laptop functional. So I bought a new one. Not the MacBook Pro, but a regular iBook G4.

In the meantime I’m going to have to plod along with… nothing. Damn.

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52 Stupid Senators

In a move showing the brilliancy of our Republican controlled Senate, the national debt limit was raised in a 52-48 vote.

The Senate, on a 52-48 vote, sent President Bush a measure allowing the government to borrow an additional $781 billion and preventing a first-ever default on Treasury notes. The move allows lawmakers and the president to pay for the war in Iraq without raising taxes or cutting popular domestic programs.

OK, am I imagining things or aren’t Republicans supposed to be the financially responsible party…? Oh, the mythology.

Guess how many Democrats voted for the increase. Go on, guess! Zero. Only three Republican senators had the nutsacks to join them in opposing crazy spending.

The debt limit increase was the fourth of Bush’s presidency, totaling $3 trillion. With the budget deficit expected to approach $400 billion for both this year and next, an additional increase in the debt limit almost certainly will be required next year.

Treasury Secretary John Snow applauded Congress for “protecting the full faith and credit of the United States.”

Call me crazy but going further into debt, and then raising the debt limit for a debtor doesn’t strike me as a good way to protect the full faith and credit of the USA. In fact if I did that with my credit cards I would be in serious trouble.

Dear Republicans in the Senate (excepting the three),
   Corporations might be lucky to declare bankruptcy.
   Nations do not get to declare bankruptcy. Don’t bankrupt my country you mathematically challenged idiots.

Thank you.

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